Hi, I am Sunny Kumar and founder of Astroblink which aim to provide authentic knowledge on Astrology to the world. I like astrology, writing blogs and Palmistry.

I have been learning astrology since 2017 personally but I read first time palmistry book in 2008 and attracted to this knowledge deeply. In 2021 I thought to write blogs on astrology and share with everyone, professionally I am an engineer in IT Sector.

Astroblink meaning that when you get to know the true power of Astrology science and how it can change human life style, so it makes you blink and astonished the world. A wisdom that can offer ultimate peace of mind and spreading light all over.

Astroblink is all about Astrology science, as we all know Astrology is a Science which used by Ancient or Emperor to see future or make in use of their day to day life and it was only available for Kings. Current 21st Century we can use this for everyone, here you will get to know all Astrological facts and regular movements of planets!! Good Luck to know such Wonderful Knowledge.