Arudha Lagna in Astrology and Wealth

Arudha Lagna (AL)

Arudha Lagna is an image that is perceived by outside people or simply what the world think about you. Arudha Lagna (AL) is only a perception about you that might be totally false or an opinion and it gets changed time to time. it works only when the person is outside of the home, movement outer shell over any person get into the home all reality begins here and no more magic works. Actually, no one knows you more than your family and known social circle, and people outside take the way you present.

Ascendant lord of D-1 chart reveals your idealistic, if planet in good sign then show great ideals ex: – Sun lord as Ascendant lord in Aries sign shows great ethics, principles, deeds in life because Lagna is an exalted position and Arudha Ascendant lord shows your wealth and power status if the planet is strong then massive wealth, power, name and big family.  Let’s understand by Scenario: – One of your friend has very strong Arudha Lagna (AL) and People has an image in their mind about as Richie boy, or think millionaire because person belongs to rich family, but D-1 Chart Lagna lord is in debility then person has low morals, spend on illegals, and bad habits so works differently.

Two terms are used Arudha and Pada. All houses or Bhava are the thoughts, intangible, internal, and PADA’s are words, expression, external but (AL) is raised, manifest, clearly and come out easily, same way we can find out Pada of each house. it should also be used prominently for transit results to know, how it would affect an image publicly and manifestation. Many believe it is from Jaimini Astrology but It was originally discussed by Sage Parashara in BPHS and later it was known deeply in Jaimini Astrology.

Arudha Lagna Calculator 

Arudha Lagna is calculated by counting the same number of houses as many as Ascendant lord away from Lagna, there are a few exceptions while calculating it that will be discussed here.

Let’s understand with Examples: – Simple

In this Chart Lagna Lord is Mercury, being lord of Gemini sign and placed in 5th house or 5 houses away from Ascendant, we will count 5 houses from Libra and result will be 9th house the Aquarius Sign so Aquarius is the AL So we can make Aquarius as Lagna and apply all houses techniques, houses have been discussed below in detailed.

Exceptions in calculating AL

In this chart, Mercury is the Ascendant lord, and placed in the 4th house means 4 houses away from the Ascendant, now we will count the same numbers of houses from the 4th house and the result would be 7th house but there is an exception that Arudha Lagna cannot be 1st or 7th house, in this case we will count 10 houses from 7th house, so 4th house (Sagittarius Sign) will be an Arudha Lagna and same way we can calculate Bhava Pada of each house.

Other Scholars have opinions that we should calculate Arudha Lagna (AL) in a simple method regardless Lagna lord appears in 1st or 7th so we can apply the technique in both ways and figure out where we can see the accurate results. In my own opinion, I found AL calculation in Prashara method and not taking AL in 7th house which we discussed in the first example holds the finest accuracy, but other might have vary view and I totally respect those astrologers and their practices as well.

Arudha Lagna is an illusion or Marketing of your image by people and based on the perception of the Society and Ascendant is our reality so Ascendant cannot be Arudha Lagna.

If Lagna lord appears to be in the Ascendant or opposite house (7th house) in that case sage Parashara has said count 10 houses from Ascendant lord. Here Mars is the Ascendant lord and now we will count 10 houses from Aries, then result will be Capricorn Sign as AL, follow same exception rule if Ascendant lord is in 7th house. When unknown person meets you first then perceives by AL but when person gets to know better then, you are perceived by you Birth Chart Ascendant whose significator is Sun Lord (Soul). Significator or Karka of Arudha Lagna is Moon Lord because of luminary and affection, it shows how person is famous and being liked by masses. It is your personality which is appreciated by people around you. Benefic planets in Lagna is extremely good that help to maintain sweet relation and people have good thought about you and malefic gives lots of struggle and slow down the process of knowing and building trust in group.

A2 or second house from AL (Dhanapada)

2nd from Lagna Pada is great as it confers great riches to the native and sustain image. In addition to this, Maharishi Jaimini adds that even if an exalted planet is placed in the 2nd from Arudha Lagna, it can bring wealth and prosperity easily. Since it is already said that benefices in the 2nd can bring prosperity, it is understood that malefic placed in exaltation in the 2nd can also bring riches. However, when debilitated or afflicted planets (even benefic) in the 2nd house from lagnapada can be disastrous to native’s finances.

While Sage Parashara chose to include Mercury in the wealth-giving combination, in addition to Jupiter and Venus; Maharishi Jamini chose to include Moon in the list. Thus to generalize it, we can say that all the benefic Jupiter, Venus, Mercury & Moon, while placed in the 2nd with strength shall bring enormous riches. All classics unanimously agree that unassociated Mercury (not associated with malefic) and Moon are considered to be strong.

A3 or Third house from AL (Vikramapada)

The Third house denotes courage, fighting and how to get things, this house is only good when using for such things. In military, Army and Police it indicates we may need to fight, else this is a destruction house and shows how would be death of native. If any benefic planet placed or aspect on it, then native surely will do good for someone through that all can benefit while malefic gives aggression to accomplish the things in any situation.

Ex: – A person has Saturn Lord in third house from AL, person will be mean, aggressive and can cross all limits in achieving goals but suffers from Siblings, other way Benefic Moon Lord placed here makes native nice, spiritual and spreading happiness and not much inclined towards wealth aggressively.

A4 or Fourth house from AL (Sukhapada)

Angle houses are very important from AL, fourth house shows your peace, nurturing and Home, the image of such thing in society and how people perceived it. Benefic planet can give peace and luxuries home while Malefic planet can make out of the home or not cordial with family members ex: – You can stay out of native place due to profession or other reason.

Ex: – Any planet placed here gives own significations, if Jupiter lord placed here then instead of any situation native will find peace of mind and has tendency to live in huge apartment and other hand mercury lord near about markets and business places.

A5 or Fifth house from AL (Mantrapada)

This house shows native knowledge, authority, skills and appreciation from the people as native is perceived skillful person and if is exalted planet here then people will praise lot for their intelligence, placement of benefic planet makes native lucky and wealthy if no malefic aspect then result will be greater else you will feel recognition in mid age. If Moon and Mercury placed here, then person can be known for singing and writing and specially it effects can be seen in Dasha and Anter Dasha.

Planet and sign placed here can be your source of income and any planet is good for financial prospect because it would aspect 11th house, your skill can generate income for you.

A6 or Sixth house from AL (Shatrupada)

It is the tamasic house and can create lots of destructions, being angle house from 3rd so mirror effect can be seen here. Malefic planets do well in material realm and benefic planets lose their strength here for purpose to create wealth but makes person loving nature and spiritual. If a natural malefic is placed alone in the sixth house from AL, there shall be yoga during its period resulting in growth of lands, good crops and agriculture, physical prowess and success in battles. However, Parasara adds that the nature will receive illegal gratification like black money etc.

What happens when both benefic and malefics occupy the AL6? The person is pulled between both spirituality and other pursuits. The malefics while deny the pravraja yoga, but will help one win over enemies as the tamasic nature of the house will support the tamasic planets.

A7 or Seventh house from AL (Darapada)

The Seventh house is an opposite house from AL, how you deal with people and business partners it is the gate of success to fulfill your ambitions, unless it is not supported till then there will be a barrier to your success as the Second and Seventh house considered Maraka. Benefic planet is a blessing and easily open doors for the person and climb to the success

As per sage Parashara Benefic planets here makes a person wealthy with fame, more important and need to check A7 lord and its placement from AL. A7 lord should be in Angle or Trine houses to support success if not then can create obstacles. If A7 lord placed well from Arudha Lagna then it will remove all barriers to provide success and it must be in Angle and Trine houses from AL.

A8 or Eighth house from AL (Mrtyupada)

Significator is Saturn lord house and that shows native longevity and health status, it also shows loans and how bank perceives your financial status while giving loan, if good dignity planet placed here or aspect then status of health will be good and person will be considered in good habits. 

A9 or Ninth house from AL (Pitrpada)

This house makes person fortune but in a destructive way, ex: – it is said all happens for good and person loses something to get better it can be Property, Job and relationship etc. Any planet will do better for person and will uplift in tough circumstances with the support of planet placed here. Planet placed here and its signification will boost you in all ground to make you on top. It is good to have any planet here as planet significations will be your helping hands to make fate.

Lord of A9 should be worship regular to do well in this life, to achieve one’s goals in the material world. The 9th from the Arudha Lagna will show the manifestation of the dharma devatta in a person’s life. The dasa of the AL9 will be a period of bhagya, which will be good (unless afflicted). Worshipping the dharma devatta during this time is very important and the results of the mantras relative to the dharma devatta will manifest quickly.

A10 or Tenth house from AL (Karmapada)

10th house shows your career, profession and business. It shows your presence and power, authority in the workplace. Digbala planet like Sun and Mars do excellent here and makes your name throughout.

An exalted planet provides knowledge and make people to believe you have the skills, excellent knowledge and build your reputations.

A11 or Eleventh house from AL (Labhapada)

Eleventh house shows gain from Arudha Lagna so any planet will give massive wealth, even the aspect on eleventh house. If Malefic planet placed here will give wealth in questionable mean and benefic planet in good source, In the case of both planets either placement or aspects then the result would be in a mix way.

If Arudha lagna in 11th house and placement of planet here is excellent position like own house or friendly sign then surety of mega wealth in the dasa, anterdasa of planet and you can also initiate some new work that will lead to wealth.

Debilitated planet might lose it strength unless cancellation of debilitation forming in the chart, else lots of hard work requires.

A12 or Twelfth house from AL (Vyayapada)

When your status will rise Twelfth house from it, won’t be able to see or that signification go away because it shows losses ex: – AL as Virgo and 12th house is Leo as Sun lord so for rise of that person Father should go away then native will rise, if any planet placed here or any aspect will cause expenses. Benefic placed here you will spend lots on that related signification and malefic you will spend with no emotion. Ex: – Jupiter placed or Aspect you will spend lots on children or religion’s place with your wish happily.

All above mentioned same are applicable from the Karakamsa Lagna as well. Look the highest Degree planet in the chart excluding Rahu and Ketu lords and see the Navamasa sign placement and then make it ascendant from D-9 Sign although you can use any Software to find out your Karakamsha Lagna, I use Jagannatha Hora it is a free and simple software and can be downloaded easily so move the mouse over for downloading.

Upapada Lagna: The Marriage Occuring ( A12 Pada)

The Upapada Lagna (UL) so you understand what, how and why it represents relationship. Then learn how to interpret its significations as well as understand some traditional Vedic remedies regarding the Upapada. Finally having understood how the UL works and how it can be traditionally remedied, learn to understand it in a way where you will be able to give practical advice regarding a couple’s relationship.

The Arudha Lagna is the most important Arudha. The second most important Arudha is the Upapada Lagna (the Arudha of the 12th house). Upa means near or relating to (as well as giving and ornament), and is calculated from the sign near and related to the lagna and shows the person who ends up near and relating to you.

There are many places we can analyze for different aspects of marriage and relationship. It is good to understand the different points to be clear about what we are looking at. The karakas for relationship are Venus and Jupiter and their affliction will show blessings or curses in getting a healthy relationship or not. They also reveal overall tendencies towards relationships, it is important to see there placement in the rasi and navamsa. The Darakaraka shows the atma of the partner, shows what type of soul the person has and issues related to that level. The 7th house of the Rasi indicates how you relate to others, it is your doorway to the world and shows how you relate to the public (karaka Venus). The person you relate to the most and who reflects you the most is the love partner.

The 7th lord will show the physical conditions of relationship and whether they are fruitful or barren. The A7 is connected to business partners and to sexual relations. The 7th house of the navamsa shows the skills, abilities and general nature of the partner which predominates over the 7th house of the Rasi. It will also show the partners sexual tendencies. The Upapada will show about the marriage partner or a very serious relationship. It shows the nature of the family a person comes from, it shows how the people will relate to each other, and whether the relationship will last or not and what will make it last. It will show how many children are coming from that relationship verse a previous relationship. It is important for timing marriage and its break. The UL lord will indicate the nature of the family of the partner, and therefore will often indicate the status of the partner themselves.

Important Yoga’s

If the A5 lord falls in the lagna, the native is devotee of lord Vishnu.

Saturn aspecting the A5 cause obstacles in begetting child. The remedies are bathing in Rameswaram thrice and do naaga shanti.

If the A7 is aspected by Mars, the native will have 2 wives.

A7 occupied by Moon and associated with Mars cause Hamsa yoga and the native becomes a worshipper of Guru. He travels to many countries and have good following (in form of bhaktas).

One will be comfortable and happy after marriage, if Venus occupies the A7, Saturn’s association (with Venus in darapada) enhance the results.

One will attain fame and prosperity and be happy if the A1 or the A9 associated with Venus.

If A9 or its Lord is strong and associated with Cancer & Venus the native himself shall see good fortune and wealth from childhood.

When the Lagnapada and the Bhagyapada are placed together in Kama Trikona and associated with Venus, then a strong Rajayoga is caused. When Jupiter associates such a combination, the native will learn and be endowed with good luck and fortune.

Moon in A9 will also confer a great amount of fame and will give popularity among the masses for father.

If Jupiter is in A9, then the father is an expert author, very learned, well known in royal circles; Famous in many countries, wise, brave and intelligent and has Rajyoga from middle age.


Rashi chart is important and we can find all about an individual, but how native impact on the world and people mind that can be seen from AL, our prestige is more important. When any PM and President are chosen we only perceive that person can change the world and do justice for the country regardless what is the reality of later part that is another matter but people faith comes from perception or moon lord as Karka of AL. We should not leave this concept in astrology while judging horoscopes even in transit especially Rahu, Ketu, Saturn and Jupiter lords in Trine and Kendra.

Purpose of Life By Arudha Laguna

Everyone has the purpose of being born on this planet and complete in this life, I will share a simple technique that can be your life purpose in this life.

You need to make Arudha Laguna and note down the Trine houses planets from AL, now see the Moon Asc and see the planets in Angle (1, 4,7,10) and compare both planets and the common planet is the purpose planet and decide your destiny karma.

Note : If that Planet is Trine to AK then your soul will guide you to fulfill the purpose of life.

For more understanding you can watch this video, it will give also a detailed understanding.

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