Astrological predictions for 2023

Astrological predictions for 2023 and most of people will be interested to know how would be 2023 for us and for all individuals and zodiac signs, what good can we expect in this 2023 year? Don’t worry we will get to know in this guide, but I hope that everyone had a good last year in terms of mental peace, emotions, and happiness and would have achieved lots of success and dreams in the materialistic realm.

In this guide, I will discuss general 2023 year predictions in various astrology and numerology aspects so that each individual can understand and know about themselves with simple remedies.

2023 horoscope Prediction

One thing is sure, this year will be good for all natives. It could be average, good, best, or excellent and all these factors depend on many things i.e Horoscope and Numerology, and everything I will discuss in this guide.

I will use here one short technique to predict the general results of 2023 year, this year will be ruled by Lord Saturn and Saturn placement in your horoscope can reveal what you can experience in this year.

This 2023 year is also special because Jupiter lord and Saturn lord will change their signs and both impacts a lot according to their house placements. Saturn is the significator of hard work stubborn and Jupiter bestows us wisdom and luck.

I will discuss the snapshot results according to Saturn Lord’s placement in the horoscope, as I discussed if you don’t know Saturn position in your own horoscope or have no idea how to know then you can read it and focus more on numerology discussion.

Note:- This is the chart for an example purpose and if you have your horoscope then you can know your natal Saturn position.

In this image example:- Saturn in the 10th House

Saturn Placement for 2023 Prediction

Saturn in first house or Aries: You might feel a little uncomfortable in the beginning but will initiate something new either in health, Job, business, or other matters and with continuous hard efforts success will knock your doors.

Saturn in Second house or Taurus: It’s related to family, wealth, resources, and partners. It would be really better to be disciplined in food and speech.

Saturn in Third house or Gemini: You will adopt new hobbies, skills and interests in writing.

Saturn in Fourth house or Cancer: House-related matters i.e buying, renting, construction, or changing living place. You should take care of other emotions and if sitting in a position where you can do good for others then it’s advisable must act nicely.

Saturn in Fifth house or Leo: Chances to get name fame, position, and child.

Saturn in Sixth house or Virgo: Compassionate about animals, helping others, competent in exams, diseases, etc.

Saturn in Seventh or Libra: It’s an exalted placement in Sign and house-wise, so going to be a special year for you. Your public fame and career position will get new opportunities.

You will work on relationships, partners, business, marriage etc.

Saturn in Eighth house or Scorpio: Take care of married life and have cordial relationship.

Saturn in Ninth house or Saggitarius: Saturn is in the 9th house so not interested to listen about religion and righteousness as a person thinks to know all about and doesn’t require advice there.

Advise: Maintain healthy relations with superiors and focus on work not many arguments, but it’s the house of doing right things so perform the righteous activity.

Saturn in Tenth house or Capricorn: Get ready for the pressure, and burden of work. You will work towards upgrading skills and this year you have to work hard without expectations.

Saturn in Eleventh house or Aquarius: This is fearless and might be the gainful year for you. You are the personality of new business ideas every day because of Saturn in the gain house or in Aquarius.

Saturn in Twelfth house or Pisces: You will work in the background or isolation, with useless expenses so control over extra spending. You need to little careful about your feet and bedroom life.

Numerology Predictions for 2023 Year

Numerology is a science that is predicted based on numbers, if we believe then each number has an association with planets.

A person date of birth influences a lot in every matter of life like nature, attitude, relationship, life pattern, career, etc. The 2023 year and if we calculate all numbers ( 2+0+2+3 )= 7 which is ruled by Neptune or Ketu.

It’s very unique and peaceful year and if you are involved in the profession like Yoga, Meditation Centre, Phycology, Spirituality, Medical Field, Research, Astrology and Spa Centre etc, or which gives you mental healing then this year is going to be memorable.

Specially lot of people will turn into spritual life to seek guidance of Devine power rather attentive in work. Many people would have an attitude that all work, money and materialistic life is waste and spirituality is ultimate goal of life.

Advice: Have faith in Spirituality and believe in God to grow and live happily in this year 2023. This year will be really tough for atheist people or they might turn into sprituality.

2023 Prediction for all numbers


Number 1 – Those born on 1,10,19 and 28 in any month, these natives are ruled by no. 1, and the planet associated with number 1 is Lord Sun.

This year is an average year for you, and you should believe in slow and steady wins the game rather than ambitious, quick resolutions and challenges. It would be best to have patience and keep forward the best work with intelligence.

You should take care of your health after April or adopt a healthy lifestyle, and if feel something then quickly consult your medical advisor. Your wealth status will be good to better and also in career prospects.

Advice: Have patience and all will turn out in your favor in the end, just keep doing your work in a righteous method.

Number 2 – Those born on 2,11,20 and 29 in any month, these natives are ruled by no. 2, and the planet associated with them is Lord Moon.

This year, you may witness a lot of emotional ups and down, number 2 people are very emotional and quickly changeable so they know how to handle emotions and tears.

This year is very good for these natives and you will get relief from running illnesses but do take care of your mental health. The relationship is not taken for granted so be with your partner with internal happiness and bliss.

Advice: Don’t take any decision in a hurry or with emotional feelings and use wisdom.

Number 3 – Those born on 3,12,21 and 30 in any month, these natives are ruled by no. 3 and the planet associated with them is Lord Jupiter.

This year 2023 will be an excellent year and you may achieve new heights which you haven’t expected but suddenly come up to you because of past hard work and consistency.

Your health, career, and wealth will expand with new opportunities. You can rely on your luck in this year and that’s why your calculated risks can reward you.

This time is extremely good for relationships and will face cordial relationships throughout 2023. Overall if you put 100% then you may get 120% result of that along with people support.

Advice: It’s a wishful year for number 3 people so make true use of it.

Number 4 – Those born on 4,13,22 and 31 in any month, these natives are ruled by no. 4, and the planet associated with them is Lord Rahu and Uranus.

You will experience unexpected things and turn out finally in favor to reward, It’s a good year for you. You should take care of your health specially Stomach and legs.

Wealth related, it’s a successful year and there are chances to earn money from outside or foreign places. It’s really awesome if you are involved in an export-Import business or a similar kind of profession.

Advice: Maybe you need to put a little extra effort but you will be rewarded surely.

Number 5 – Those born on 5,14,23 in any month, these natives are ruled by no. 5, and the planet associated with them is Lord Mercury.

It’s an average year for you as you had enough benefits earlier. Number 5 people are very fast so cannot be in the same place longer, but this is the time to stay calm and relax.

Advice: Opportunities will come but don’t get upset if can’t get through.

Number 6 – Those born on 6,15,24 in any month, these natives are ruled by no. 6, and the planet associated with them is Lord Venus which is the planet of luxury and comfort.

Make sure to use this year and all opportunities as much as possible, your thought will be guarded by the universe. It’s the best year for you with lots of happening and luck etc.

Advice: Try to do your wishful things and your luck is with you.

Number 7 – Those born on 7,16,25 in any month, these natives are ruled by no. 7, and the planet associated with them is Lord Ketu and Neptune, a planet of dreams, art, and imagination.

It will be written a memorable year for you, might be last few years were not good as expected but now the stage is yours.

It’s the best of the best year or award-winning year for you and may experience internal energy to keep you active and happy. You will be guarded by supportive people around you to encourage.

In terms of wealth, you can see dreams come true moment in this 2023 year. Career-wise you may get a position above than expectations including growth in monetary gains.

Advice: It will be a remarkable year for number 7 and definitely all wishes will come true so live the year with enjoyment.

Number 8 – Those born on 8,17,26 in any month, these natives are ruled by no. 8, and the planet associated with them is Lord Saturn.

These natives are usually hard-working, this year will come with lots of opportunities but you should not lose heart if failed to grab that and adopt the tendency to look for a new one.

If you have done continuous hard work then rewards are ahead. Health matters can be a little troublesome, especially the Stomach, Knee, and legs so take care.

The businessman will do good in wealth matters.

Advice: Take care of your Health.

Number 9 – Those born on 9,18,27 in any month, these natives are ruled by no. 9, and the planet associated with them is Lord Mars.

This year will be normal to progressive to start getting good results. It can be a good year for salaried people with good health.

Advice: Avoid all disputes, litigation, and fights.

Disclaimer: All above are only general predictions and must not take as an accurate predictions, because lots of things depend on a person’s individual horoscope and a final conclusion should be made once we study carefully these all matters i.e Dasha, anter Dasha, Navamsha, Nakshatra, D-10 chart, and many more in a horoscope.