Is Astrology a science ?

Astrology is a Science

If we go back to ancient times then Astrology was used seriously but it was restricted to King families only and not accessible to common people. As time moved on then this secret Science keep spreading. It was used in Hindu culture although true Astrology is originally from India, Western culture accepted it and Islamic and other religions also use it.

Astrology is a science and requires lots of mathematical calculation also, which in current 21st century can be done with the help of software. You will be surprised that earlier it used to calculate manually and how brilliant they were in mathematics i.e calculating orbs, and the degree of each planet in horoscope. 

In back 90’s there were only spiritual teachers and Priests in Temple those knew this science but in modern civilization youth are also desperate to read and learn this Astrology. I am also youth and did not know anything about it in childhood neither in family but somehow I showed my interest later in it and now I am writing full of knowledge blogs for everyone and feel enthusiastic.

Note: All the information that you are reading in this post is solely my views and observations and my intention to provide knowledge only.

Use of Astrology in U.S Politics

Politics is the base of our democratic system and each party has intention to flourish their tenure and completion of all made promises during campaign but for this political parties need hard work, dedication, skills and blessings of Gods.

One of the interesting facts that US presidential elections had been held in November Month always, when Sun in Libra sign and point to think not any other month.

  • 3 November, 2020 US Election
  • 8 November, 2016 US Election
  • 6 November, 2012 US Election
  • 4 November, 2008 US Election

In 1988 President Reagan and his wife Nancy was admired by Astrology and used to apply it in all political matters and polices. When journalist asks question to use this science in political affairs then President rejects all allegations to say my wife has faith in it only.

An Astrologer named “Joan Quigley” revealed in book What does Joan Say” that all decisions, Press conferences and Administration activities was done as I suggested based on planetary¬†positions. Joan said that swearing time also changed to further according to Astrology and I advised it. Reagan took help of Astrology in both acting and political career by many astrologers, his wife Nancy once said Joan you need to help without knowing anyone and if it revealed then you off from this responsibility.

Its also my strong belief and views that President Obama used this Science in politically affairs in large extent, back years I was watching youtube Channel of Astrologer “Dolly Manghat” and she said that few favourable planets transit helped her to visit White House.

Use of Astrology in BJP

Indian Political Party known as Bharatiya Janata party ( BJP ) has massively increased its political area since Narender Modi was elected as Prime Minister (PM) in 2014 and again in 2019 as PM with full mandate.

Lets discuss first Narendra Modi Horoscope and Modi Jee is the Libra Ascendant and Fifth lord of power is Saturn Lord and placed in 11th house of gains and desire fulfillments, 10th Lord is Moon Lord and Placed in Anuradha Nakshtra which ruled by Saturn Lord. Atmakarka is also Saturn Lord.

Saturn is the favourable planets for Libra Ascendant as rules two important houses which are fourth ( Comfort, throne and People support) and Fifth house ( Wisdom and Power to rule), according to Numerology Saturn rules number 8 and Weekday Saturday.

Now we will see how Mr. Narendra Modi uses Astrology in their work according my observation.

Above I mentioned how Saturn is important planet in his horoscope, in many times Narendra Modi used Date 8 and 8 PM Time. Demonetization happened in India on 8th of November 2016 and announcement at 8 PM so Number 8 is common as ruled by Saturn lord.

  • During Covid Pandemic all announcements was made at 8 PM and many important dates and announcements were linked with number 8.
  • Interesting fact that is in 2019 Lok Sabha election happened to elect 17th member again Number 8 = (1+7) connected with Saturn and Narendra Modi party BJP won again with full mandate, First oath ceremony of PM was on (2+6)=8 26th May 2014. There are many dates and times which come under same number so I leave on readers to search on google and keep eyes on events and their dates and number.
  • I have observed that Mr. Narendra Modi has Scorpio with Mars in 2nd house which is the of Name and fame along with 7th house. Mars rules Police and Military and lots of good work towards Police, Military give him success in his status, name and fame. It could be coincidence that Indian Uri Movie based on Army was released on 11th January 2019 in same Lok Sabha Year, in the movie we could see few current government characters in the movie and after Modi Jee won 2019 election with full mandate.
  • This year 2022 before the election of 5 states, Amar Jawan Jyoti was merged with National war memorial war by Central govt. and it could be illusion but we cannot deny before election such things happen related Mars Signification and BJP whose face is Mr. Modi won with heavy People faith.
Use of Astrology in Congress

Politics is always fascinated by the science of Astrology, it is believed that Indira Gandhi who was the famous face of the Indian Congress party found quite an interest in Astrology and used to use it a lot in grain harvesting and people’s policies best time.

Conclusion on Faith

We read that not only powerful people use it but common people use it as well and there is nothing wrong, usually, we see when any important work is scheduled then we ask for the best Mahurata or Time before according to planetary positions, there is no harm in it if activities are for good and country welfare. You must have to believe and faith system that allows you to use and respect it.