Atmakaraka Planet Calculation

The natural Atmakaraka is the Sun and Mind Karka is the Moon but Atmakaraka for the Soul is the one which has the farthest degree from the Ascendant in person horoscope. It is the concept from Jaimini Astrology but I believe it’s not completely true as Sage Parashara even discussed in BPHS, but not to the extent as in Jaimini Astrology.

What is the Atmakaraka in Astrology?

Atmakaraka becomes a very important planet as it is the guard of the Soul and the person is responsible highest karma towards that planet and if native is on right track then Atmakarka planet will show path and guard to the soul. An interesting fact is If Atmakarka Planet degree matches with other planets of degree so those planets will behave and have more effect ex:- Suppose in native horoscope Jupiter is the Atmakarka with 14 degree and if others two or more planets come under 13 or 14 degree they all would have the impact of Jupiter regardless if there is any aspect or not.

Atmakaraka is a term used in Vedic Astrology to refer to the planet with the highest degree in an individual’s birth chart, which is believed to indicate their soul’s purpose and journey in this lifetime. To determine your Atmakaraka planet, you will need to create your Vedic birth chart or Kundli using your birth time, date, and location. Once you have created your chart, locate the planet with the highest degree.

This planet is your Atmakaraka. If there is a tie between two or more planets, the planet with the highest minutes and seconds will be considered the Atmakaraka. Studying the placement of your Atmakaraka planet in your chart and its aspects to other planets can provide insights into your life’s purpose and direction. However, it is essential to keep in mind that Atmakaraka is only one aspect of a Vedic birth chart, and consulting an experienced Vedic astrologer can help you better understand the details and intricacies of your chart.

Calculation of Atmakarka (AK)

It can be found easily in Horoscope software and it would be marked as (AK) and you can identify with an easier way but I will explain how to manually find out it in any horoscope.
I already explained planet with the highest degree is known to be (AK) Planet and we have most pending karmas for that, let’s understand with an example.

Calculation of Atmakarka (AK)

In this example Lagna is Libra and if we see degrees of all planets then Saturn lord holds highest degree 27° 24′ among all and placed in second house and owner of fourth and fifth house.

Many Jamini Scholars take seven karkas ( Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus and Saturn ) and do not count Nodes Rahu and Ketu as (AK) but many believe it should be counted as Atmakarka either Rahu or Ketu whichever is in strongest position. Lets calculate (AK) with eight karkas from above example. Before calculating we all Know Rahu and Ketu Lord move in back position so we would need to minus Rahu degree from 30 degree because a zodiac complete orb is 30° 00′. and Rahu Lord degree is 0° 6′ and after minus from 30 it comes 29° 24′, so Rahu becomes Atmakarka as placed in powerful eleventh house and aspecting own ruled sign Aquarius.

What if Atmakarka is Retrograde?

There is one thump rule that Astrology basic rules remain the same, Retrograde planets show heavy pending karma and desires which left and now its also (AK) planet, then baggage of remaining karma or work is more and even more than a person can think of.
It could be because in previous births person was not serious towards duties and did not pay attention much but in this life there can be full of resources, even work hard to perform those responsibilities.


Each Planet as Atmakarka

  • Sun : I already wrote above that Sun as (AK)is an excellent because of natural Soul journey representative. When Sun lord becomes Atmakarka then it demands Self Pride, High status, leadership, Power, throne, and natural confidence if position and sign are good, can give extra hard work if it is in debility.
  • Mercury : Mercury represents Intellect, Communication, Environment, Clean Air etc. And you would have more karma towards Maternal and Paternal Family members.
  • Mars : Mars is focus and logical approach toward mission, Is the native fully energetic and focused? Here, the Karma to be attentive, if quite aggressive then loose down and if very soft and quite then raise voice for own rights if required.
  • Venus : These natives should be careful in food, gut, name and fame, relationship, Fixed assets, Spouse, money, health, house maintenance and keeping it beautiful, decorations in home, flowers, fragrance. They must be careful in food selection as Venus represents semen in the body so healthy diet and refreshing. Person should keep house clean even whatever financial and house condition, if does then there are chances to be rich tomorrow, keep feet clean, wear nice and clean cloths, use perfume, fragrance, attar as per personalized choice, stay away from fighting and live in peace and giving nature because Venus Lord exaltation is Pisces Sign.
  • Jupiter : Jupiter is the natural significator for wisdom, Spirituality, Teachers, welfare, Spiritual Guru and family. These native will have karma along with responsibility on such karmas.
  • Moon : Moon Lord as (AK)is the favourable position if planet dignity and house are good as governs Mind, peace, Happiness, Saving water. Mother is the Moon and giving happiness to mother and all elderly mothers one of the key karma and will have to do. If native has good position with Moon as AK then person becomes honest and sattvic to take care the universe.
  • Saturn as Atmakarka in horoscope shows person should do duty and maintain disciple in the life, Keep doing the work and have patience to turn it in successful venture. Respect old people and show gratitude them. Do the good things those are working for you i.e. workers, drivers, employees and servants and give food if possible and salary on time.
  • Rahu : Rahu as AK in the chart then person will experience mystic and occultism in the life to learn, follow path hell to heaven to be known as an intelligent. Person ay inclined on other countries culture, food and spirituality.

Conclusion on AK Results

Atmakarka results can be different based on House the planet is placed, Aspecting the houses and lordship of the house. We will understand this with above chart mentioned without any further complications. lets take Rahu as (AK) in this example and Rahu lord placed in 11th house and Aspecting 3rd, 5th and 7th houses. Rahu is in Leo sign which is all about Politics, Children and power and 11th house is for people welfare and self gains. 3rd house can give karma toward Siblings and Sagittarius sign long travel and religion related work, finally seventh house Aries most work for self promoting and prestige. 

So this is the one way to interpret AK result in your own horoscope and the karma which King of the Chart wants you to perform in this birth to get salvation.