Best 10 Books on Astrology

Books are the main source for gaining knowledge in any field, there would be hardly a chance that any recognized person not studied a book. Many people like to read books as a hobby, a passion. In relation to Astrology book, readers have started reading this subject a lot as increased use of this since decades in the 21st century, although our ancient people used it regularly in day-to-day life.

Astrology is a science and this learning needs dedication and will to learn and all can be achieved by teachers and books, here authors share personal experiments and long tenure findings. I am sharing some of the best author Astrology Books which have gained vast popularity in revealing mystical secrets.

The foundation of Vedic Jyotish with many unknown secrets. It would very rare that none of profound Astrologers studied this book. Many studied this book and applied all lectures in practically and written own books with new findings so if you are into Astrology or planning to learn then surely this classical book is for you.

Sage Parasara has originally provided this text aimed human can know this secrets for own welfare and it was converted in Book known as BPHS. Currently It is the foundation of astrology and through this book others way start. Click below to buy this Classical and authentic book.

Dr. BV Raman is very famous and respected Astrologer, his work will always remain alive for all astrolgers. He has written multiple books based on deep research and offered treasure to all learners. Now all astrolger uses his book and learn from it a lot.

He has authored many gems like 300 combination in Horoscope and others too, but this is for advanced Astrology, I am mentioning this really good book to learn more and established great benchmark in Astrology field, all famous astrologer would have at least one book of Great Dr. B.V Raman.

Author Jan Spiller has discussed this book on soul level and how Astrology can change our way of living through right spirituality, decisions and karma.

Author has written multiple books but, this book emphasis more Moon and how two nodes depicts our life motive and shows different time period shifts.

Bernadette Brady has written one of the finest book on predictive Astrology, which is the key point of this learning. Author has mentioned techniques, transit and other methods that can be really useful while analysis horoscope.

This book is must for predicting accurate future events and major timings as Author has spent valuable time in testing and then offered this gift to all.

Author has discussed in detailed about all 12 Zodiac signs (Aries to Pisces). There is also detailed Post on all houses.

Author has discussed in detailed about all 12 Zodiac signs (Aries to Pisces). There is also detailed Post on all houses.

This book is comprehensive about each signs and their impact on our life. It is recommended those looking for detailed knowledge on this.

Author Joanna Martine widely picked up all astrological aspects ex:- Ascendant, Moon signs, Charts, and financial matters in the horoscope and known to be one of best selling book on Astrology.

This book has explanation of all houses, Sun signs and many horoscope combinations which are useful in learning.

Sanjay Rath is one of the known astrologer and given so much knowledge to the students through his experience. In this book author has discussed all Vedic remedies of various issues and merely focused on life style and vedic mantras.

This book focuses only on Vedic Remedies that tells to bring Mantra in daily routine to get rid of problem and neglected other bad practice in Astrology, so one of the best book on problem solving.

Nakshatras are key of the Astrology and without it, astrologer only is seeing top of the ocean but for inside reality there must be Nakshatra knowledge. Author said that earlier no one used to use Nakshatra and focused only on zodiacs, once he is only who discovered and wrote this book.

Author Prash Trivedi has written one of the finest book on Nakshatra through his meditation experience and many Astrologer take it as foundation to learn deep Nakshatra.

Author Prash Trivedi another wonderful book on South and North nodes, as per him Rahu and Ketu are totally misunderstood but in reality there are the karmic planets and bring change in the human life and open doors for new opportunities else human will keep doing same routine tasks.

It is wonderful book ever on Nodes to understand them closely and how do they work in each signs and house placement.

Marc Boney the author and teacher of Jaimini Astrology which is also popular knowledge to learn and useful in predicting events. Author has an expertise in this and teaching students for their expansion. Marc has written multiple books on Jaimini in different aspects of Astrology, but I am mentioning popular book for only purpose to learn Jaimini Astrology.

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