Combustion of Planets in the Vedic Astrology

Combustion Meaning

Sun lord is the king and has power to combust or asta the planets, when the planet comes near to the sun in transit within specified orb is known as combustion. When the planet gets association with the Sun lord closely, then it gives fire to that planet and control over that completely.

Sun is the brightest planet and when the planet gets asta or combust, then it will act like an invisible. In a day nothing is visible in Sun light except Sun. planet qualities will be hidden and not much expressive because it’s subdued by the Sun lord.

Combustion means you have to get your burn or work hard to become gold, other views it will burn the impurity and turn into the purest and most humble person in life.

Combustion degrees of the Planets

Five planets can be in combustion Jupiter, Mars, Venus, Mercury and Saturn lord and Moon lord is not get combust, but it is slightly affected when comes near to the Sun in own light, also called Amavashya but it is not a combustion.

These are degrees of planets, and within specified orb planets are known to be asta.

These are degrees of planets and within specified orb planets are known to be asta.

Mars – 17 Degree

Mercury – 13 Degree

Jupiter – 11 Degree

Venus – 9 Degree

Saturn – 15 Degree

Retrograde and Combustion at same time

Retrograde planet has own strength and only Venus and Mercury lord can be retrograde and combust at the same time, when this condition occurs then planet has strong rays and it will be visible. It would have minimum effect compare to direct combustion. Retrograde planet gains power and act independently, other way in direct combustion planet will serve the Sun lord.

Is Combustion good?

Sun lord combust the planet so lordship of the Sun in the chart is very crucial to determine the result, if Sun lord own good houses ex: – Trine (1,2 and 5) or Angel (4,7,10) houses so we can determine it is good and sun lord will emphasis more qualities on these houses taking power from planets.

A planet get combusted when native used or misused that planet signification in past birth, and this birth native needs to humble and work hard to achieve that planet significations, although if Sun lord dignity is good in the chart then native will not follow any rules related combusted planet and follow only Sun. Example:- Jupiter is combusted in the chart so in previous birth person has used or attained mastery in Jupiter related things and in this current birth person needs to hard work, humble to attain such things.

Paräçara referred combust planet an angry, fiery planet being influenced by Sun and native karma to purify and cleanse own related planet significations. Sun god is Shiva who is Dharma protector and can free us from our all sins. Shiva is the one who drank poison or halahala during Samundra manthan and protected Deva’s and asuras.

How Jupiter can reduce effects?

Combusted planets effect can be reduced by continuous spirituality, worshiping of Lord Shiva and adapting humble attitude in the life, but initially it needs to realize and only Spiritual teacher can teach or Jupiter lord can help else effects can be severe. When we pour water on Shivalinga it cools our anger and combusted planets get reliefs.

There must be Jupiter association with combusted planets to protect and take the person out from its adverse effects. Jupiter is spiritual so native will get advise to do worship or itself do it and finally come out from it. In case if there are malefic effects over combusted planet then its little hard to do remedies as person becomes stubborn.    


When a planet is combust, it is advised to worship Shiva, who helps everyone overcome their sins. Some add that since the Savitur gäyatri mantra includes the word bhargo referring to the cleansing fire of the Sun, which purifies us from our sins that the Savitur gäyatri is the best suitable mantra to overcome the effects of a combust planet.

tat savitur vareëyaà bhargodevasya dhémahi dhiyo yo naù pracodayät|| Rig Veda 3. 62.10, Brahmaåñi Viçvamitra.

  • Pour Water on Shivalinga regular or Monday at lest.
  • Worship Lord Surya and pray for humble attitude and honour
  • Be Humble as much as possible.
  • Show Gratitude always what you have.
  • Chant mantra ” Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare” “Hare Ram Hare Ram Ram Ram Hare Hare”
 Good Effects of Combustion

Above remedies I have mentioned that needs to be done regular to feel good about combusted planets, combusted planets can give fabulous result if lords of 6,8 and 12th house are combusted and Sun lord rules the good houses. Ex: – If 6th lord is combusted by Sun then Person can win over all hurdles, enemies and diseases easily by above remedies easily.

There are other beliefs about combusted planet that all successful people would have alteast one or two combusted planet in their chart as Combusted planets do not follow normal rules and regulation to fulfill own target that the reason people become successful but gives lot of hard work. You can read out same things in people chart and read out their life pattern.

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