Conjunction of Planets in Capricorn Sign | Stellium in Astrology

Stellium in Astrology

There are going to happen conjunction of 7 planets Saturn, Jupiter, Mercury, Venus, Moon, Sun and Pluto in the Zodiac sign Capricorn in February that also known as Stellium in Astrology.

First, we emphasis here Capricorn sign or Natural 10th House of a zodiac, that denotes Society, efforts, Profession at worldly level, name and fame and wealth and one of the most prominent house.

Saturn and Jupiter lords already are in Capricorn and now another 5 planets coming together to impact the house significations as per their natural traits. It may indicate some of the big future planning and changes in native life or World level, if we do not count outer planets like Pluto, Neptune and Uranus then we can consider 6 planets in Capricorn sign, although western Astrology gives immense importance to these outer planets.

Prediction from Stellium and its Impact on the world

Jupiter Lord is the planet of Wisdom, expansion and Advise and already in his debility position along with Saturn and forming Cancellation of debility, The King Lord Sun himself is in Capricorn sign to take advises from their ministers like Jupiter, Mercury, Saturn, Venus, and Moon and It could turn into negative and mourning state initially but later with lots of struggle and efforts it could do well because of Lord Saturn sign and lord Saturn himself placed in until 28th April 2022 then moved into Aquarius sign.

History of similar kind of conjunctions

we take a look in the history, then similar condition occurred on 4th Feb 1962 with almost 8 planets (Saturn, Jupiter, Mercury, Venus, Moon, Sun, Mars and Ketu lords) were in conjunctions in the Capricorn sign and War happened between India and China, In the U.S.A Cuban Missile Crisis took place.

Capricorn sign represents Gold, Water, government and Policies etc. Whenever planet sits in any sign then behaviors will be mix according own traits and Particular sign. Sun denotes politics, power and there could be chance that these policies will be criticized by people.

Mercury Lord signify Communication, Speech and Technology and our day to day activities and after these there likely to see huge changes in such sectors and will be forced people to accept.

Venus shows entertainment so some of the movies can be made on controversial topics and our medium of entertainment can be changed ex: Switch to OTT platform or invention of New Technology related this and government intervention in it.

Constellation conjunctions

Stellium is happening in the Shravana nakshatra which emphasis more on listening and observing which appears to be around us, what we listen and react that may turn into action for future establishment. Sun lord will conjunct with all physical 5 planets and take their power to bring change in the society, now Masses will decide after listening and act afterwards as per their will power.

Rahu lord will also aspect from Taurus sign on this conjunctions, Rahu lord brings changes in the human life, else native life will remain same since birth, these nodes known as Karmic planets being placed in exalted sign.

Change is the only way to live and all happens for our good experience, maybe there is some turbulence in early days but with the time all settles. This is the life so be ready to accept change else earth will remain on same position, back the days nobody thought of revolutionary technology era but now we all are dependent of this, keeping in thought all change is good for human and Planets create such circumstances for human being.

Happy learning Astrology.

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