Dashamsha principles | D-10 Chart Analysis

Career Analysis in Astrology

D-1 or Rashi chart is an overall person personality and inherent nature to deal with the world and Navamsa or D-9 chart shows our fortunes, Dashamsha chart is also important chart because it shows our career direction and our society status. In the life we all learn many skills but cannot make career on that, it is the chart of opportunities which we get in our career in this lifetime and D-1 chart shows how do we deal with that so each charts have correlation with other Divisional charts.

Dashamsha means Dasamsa = 10 and amsha = Division, each sign is 30 degrees and it is divided by 10 degrees and we get 3 degrees. It is believed each action is karma and should be done with right intention to get blessings. Dashamsha depicts person working environment, career and direction which person can adopt for living; it is advisable to see D-10 along with D-1 to get on conclusions about profession.

How to Judge the Career?

Work should be loved by heart and Soul wants to do it regular without anything else that can be said as selfless work, because person loves it all but most of us does work for monetary gains, when Amatyakarka (second Highest Degree planet) then you work for soul happiness and Darakarka (lowest degree planet) shows your monetary gains and work for profits only.

There are 10th Division, 9 planets + 1 Lagna (10 Planets), 10 Avataara and 10 Mahaavidyaa and they give us right Path, direction and removes darker (Tamas) energy. We should worship all these to get blessing in our life. People born in same day and time and their rashi charts also similar with planetary position but still they get involve in different life style and profession and all such answers can be found out in D-10 chart and I would suggest you pick up two similar chart and examine their personnel life then match their D-10 charts.

Success in Dashmsha chart by Element and attitude

Fiery Signs (1,5,9) – It is the sattva and dharma signs, person has natural abilities towards these sign or planet placed in D-10. If person adopts profession related to that then success will be in less amount of effort.

Earth Signs (2,6,10) – It is the self-focused sign and success is also guaranteed but only after huge labor.

Airy Signs (3,7,11) – Person needs to learn things and practice then success is guaranteed.

Watery Signs (4,8,12) – You need a Teacher to learn things and then success is assured.

Planets in exaltation shows excellent abilities towards it and debilitated planets no ability unless there is a cancellation of debility. Such planet can bring great success if career is chosen on that, lets example if Mercury lord is exalted then person become accountant, Banking officer and writer etc.

Significators or Karka of Dasahsha (D-10) Chart

10th House – Mercury, Sun, Saturn and Jupiter

6th House – Saturn (Service)

7th House – Mercury (Business)

Houses in Dashamsa Chart

1st House – It’s you and how do you deal with work and your thinking in workplace, idealistic, principles and person image at office.

2nd House – What are the resources available to you for accomplishing your work in the office or business ex: – Computer, cash, Table, Internet etc. earth signs are extremely good here.

3rd House – It is an enterprise, vacation, short journey and desire house. A businessman must have strong connection with this house or 3rd, 7th and 11th because of Trine relation with each other.

4th House – It shows your office and how would be it be? ex: – Big, small or decorated etc.

5th House – It is the house of your knowledge and colleagues with whom you work daily and help each other openly in workplace. Any planet placed here then native has an excellent knowledge of it significations. Ex: – Jupiter lord is here then Spirituals, Mantra’s and priest etc. 

6th House – Job and services are seen from this house.

7th House – It is the house of dealing with people, partners and shows business.

8th House – Loan, retirement and loss of job are seen from this house, it could also mean after making huge efforts someone needs rest from work.

9th House – Boss or Supervisor is seen from this house and your relationship with them, malefic planets give rough relationship with boss.

10th House – Your status in the society and career are seen from this house, good tenth house indicates shining career Ex: – Good Sun placement here can make person a great politician.

11th House – It is the house of Income, gains and bonus and everyone in this world works for money, so this is very important one in D-10. Who will support in your workplace secretly in your growth.

12th House – Foreign land, long distance journey, expenses and secret enemies in workplace.

Directions of planets and can show success in that Direction

  • Sun: – East Direction
  • Moon: – North West
  • Mars: – South
  • Mercury: – North
  • Jupiter: – North East
  • Venus: – South East
  • Saturn: – West
  • Rahu: – South West
  • Ketu: – Responsible for Moksha, purpose to enlighten the soul for upward heaven.

If person takes strongest planet professions and its direction in D-10 Chart then it can be very good for career, success has one mantra that is a consistent effort and keep doing until achieved it and need to setup right ground for work as well.

Moon Lord: – Moon shows Administrative service under government, may be person supporting higher rank officers.

Sun Lord: – High administrative post in government or politics.

Venus Lord: – Privatization and business.

Jupiter Lord: – Teacher, profession, Astrologer.

Mercury Lord: – Business, writing, Banking and Stock market.

Saturn Lord: – Labor, Service, Hard work and large enterprises to give job others.

Mars Lord: – Chief Army, police, military and engineering.

Rahu Lord: – Scientist, Aerospace, Large machinery and import-export.

Ketu Lord: – Psychic, healing, Astrology and Import-Export, traveling.

Tenth Lord of the Rashi chart is very crucial in determining career growth, if 10th lord of rashi chart in own sign, directional strength and exalted person will achieve high status ex: – Saturn lord is the tenth lord of rashi chart and if D-10 chart Saturn lord in 7th house, own sign and exalted then success in career is promised and will be pioneered in profession but after huge labor being significator of hard work and labor.

Service Pattern

The Moon lord rules bureaucracy and must be connected with earth houses (2,6 and 10 houses) for greater result.

The 6th house shows services and 7th house shows business, where Benefic planets enhance seventh house and malefic ruin or gives tremendous hard work for succeed.

5th house shows the power, authority and Ghatika lagna (GL) also to be examined for position enjoyment in the service.

Police, law enforcement and customs officers should have planets like Mars (Protection) and Rahu (Border) involved in the work.

Significations of planets should be understood for an efficient use of Dashamsha chart and I have clearly mentioned above for all my readers.

So far we have understood Dashamsha charts and how it is different from others chart, now it is time to understand different profession by examples and how different planets placement in D-10 Divisional chart impact person life.

Chart Analysis of Personalities

Example 1: – IAS Office of India

This is the chart of an IAS officer, which is considered most powerful government job and getting this job is extremely tough and achieved after lots of hard work and penance. In this example Lagna lord in 6th house and makes personnel choice to do service for public and Moon lord well placed in 10th and aspected by exalted Sun. Seventh house an exalted planet if person wants then can do well in business but instead like to learn Astrology.

Planet placed in 10th house is very important and gives own effect and moon lord rules bureaucracy discussed above and Sun lord rules govt. and Venus rules privatization and here Sun is the stronger one. While examining job vs business we need to check how many planets in 6th and 7th house and whichever house has more planets that will take dominance and here, there are 2 planets in 6th house so person involved in service as own interest.

Example 2: – Senior Police Officer

In this example 10th lord Mars in own sign and directional strength, that pushed the person in the Police and Lagna lord in third house in debility but cancellation is also occurring which makes chart stronger. Jupiter Lord in Ascendant makes native highly intelligent and capacity to take decision wisely in all odd situation, other way Aquarius sign is also co-ruled by Rahu lord which is sixth so own interest to be in service.

Rahu lord in the sixth house so person might be dealing with international matter or foreign travelling may be involve. AL falls in Gemini Asc and that person is skilled in speaking and Lord in Leo which sound like authorities and detector in the work. We can find out all person chart and link them to their profession. In Rashi chart we can control many things but in D-10 we usually cannot control things and it just happen as per planet combinations.

How does the debility of planet cancels?

Here, Saturn lord in the Aries sign of debility, there are certain rule which can be used to figure out cancellation of debility. As per this ex: – which planet gets exalted in Aries, answer is Sun lord and Sun lord should be in Angel (1,4,7,10) either from Ascendant or Moon, same way which planet gets exalted in opposite sign Libra and answer is Saturn lord and should be in angel from Asc. And Moon. If yes, then cancel of debility occurs. Next we need to identify who are the lords of Aries and Libra signs and they also should be in Angel from Asc. And Moon Lord and similar in this example Mars and Venus lord in the Angel so two planets are cancelling debility.

Detailed Analysis of D-10 Chart

The Lagna of the D-10 chart shows one’s true nature in career, personality and health status, if person is healthy and can enjoy all raj yogas, wealth, other tenth house for your foundation of work and your attitude toward it. If Ascendant lord is not well placed in D-10 chart, then instead of all resources person may be not serious in work due to many reasons. 10th Lord of D-1 and D-10 Chart are very important to see and whichever house they sit then would be your goal in the life and purpose of your life, most important if 10th lord of D-1 in the Directional strength or exaltation then person will succeed lot.

Following are the likely results of the analysis of D‑10.

Lagna Lord in Own House / exalted – Good job with Name and Fame.

Karakas for profession, namely Sun, Saturn and Mercury, if any one of them in own house – Good job.

Sun in own house / exalted – good job and will become a good leader in politics.

Sun or Saturn in Upachaya (3,6,10 and 11) – Good job

9th Lord in 9th House – Success in profession and will get right guidance.

Venus alone in 8th House – Lucky and excellent success in profession.

7th Lord of D‑1 /D‑10 in own house or exalted – Very good progress in profession.

10th Lord of D‑1 / D‑10 in own house / exalted –Very good job and will get fame.

Lagna Lord, 6th Lord and 9th Lord of D‑1 / D10 Lords, if any one of them is debilitated –No success in profession (Unless debility cancelation occurs).

Lagna Lord in 9th / 9th Lord exalted – Business (Self-employed) or person will live in own terms and known as dictator.

If Capricorn has malefics – Indulge in bad / evil /illegal profession and similar Ketu lord placed, then selfless service.

Rahu in Lagna – Temporary jobs / frequent transfers/ bad prospects in profession.

If Lagna has any two planets, namely, Moon, Mercury, Jupiter or Venus – will become Astrologer, Veda Pundits or Sanskrit scholars.

From Moon Lagna, if 6th and 9th house has association with Sun and Saturn –Quarrel with superiors and hence uncertainty in profession.

D‑1 Yogakaraka in Lagna or aspecting Lagna – Raja yoga in profession.

If 2nd, 9th, 10th and 11th Lord are together – Will reach top in business with help of supporters.

During Dasha / Bhukti of Benefic planets in Kendra – Promotion and success.

During Dasha / Bhukti of Malefics planets in Kendra‑ Setback, Hardworking period, disgrace etc.

During Dasha / Bhukti of planets in Trikona – assistance / help from friends and well-wishers and During Dasha / Bhukti of planets which are powerless, malefic or debilitated occupying 10th House – Lot of difficulties in profession.

While the Lagna shows true self, AL (Arudha Lagna) shows the perceived self. It shows the illusion associated with the person. The true self is hidden inside a person and the world cannot see it. What the world sees is what rises from the true self and manifests in the world. Arudha means “risen one” and it shows what rises and becomes visible to the material world. AL shows one’s image and status in career. The 10th house from AL shows the forces supporting one’s image. Natural benefic in the 10th from AL give a good image and malefic give a bad image. The 7th house from AL shows the people working against one’s image and the 4th house from AL shows the forces supporting them.

The 2nd house from AL shows the factors that feed one’s image and the resources that one’s image can draw from. Malefic in the 3rd and 6th houses from AL give the rise of fortune through bold acts. Benefic in the 8th from AL give sudden gains in one’s image and malefic give upsets. Any planet (even an Upagraha) in the 9th house from AL protects one’s image and keeps one’s status intact. The 9th from AL is a crucial house. Planets in the 11th from AL give gain in status and planets in the 12th from AL give losses. In addition, we can look at the Arudhas of houses also.

The Arudha of a house shows things that rise from the matters shown by a house and manifest in the material world in a visible way. For example, the 5th house shows success, popularity and one’s following. A5 (Arudha of 5th house) shows the formal recognition one gets (i.e. certificates, awards etc.), followers and sub-ordinates. The 3rd house shows initiative and communications and A3 shows one’s bold actions. For example, if a person has founded a company, you can expect A3 to be involved. A3 also shows books, articles and other documents written by one.

The 7th house shows relationships and A7 shows the people that one associates with. Similarly, intelligent astrologers can understand the meaning of other Arudha Padas. Sign Drishti (aspects) given by Parasara and Jaimini shows influences that are always present. Planet Drishti shows desires that may fructify at some point of time. Argalas show important influences. For judging careers represented by various planets, signs and Nakshatra.

Example 3: – A Great Leader

Let us consider the case of Indira Gandhi, late prime minister of India. She was born on 19th November 1917 at 11-07 pm (IST) at 25 N 28, 81 N 52. The natal Rashi chart has the Moon in Capricorn. After being out of power for a couple of years, Indira Gandhi’s party won the elections and came back to power in January 1980. Indira Gandhi’s career. Transits from the Rashi chart Moon don’t lie. There may have been a lot of worries on her mind, but the happenings in her career must have made her happy. That is what favorable transits from natal D-10 Moon show. Progressions another technique of timing involving the divisional charts is progressions. Progressions are controversial and many Indian astrologers do not approve their use.

First thing, Mars lord is 10th lord and also AL and exalted in D-10 chart and single planet can make all raja yoga and can overtake other yoga’s, native presence will be everywhere if even person not present there. Lagna lord in 6th house so personnel choice and destined to do service for others, power enjoyment is seen from 5th house and lord is exalted in second house of resources and fame, exalted 11th house with Moon lord to get support of public. Ketu in the 10th house shows person selfless nature to help and do something for others to rise them. One is crucial thing that 9th lord Sun in own house means right guidance and stick own decisions in any situation.

Conclusion: –

Sage Parashara has given most importance to this Chart and without it we cannot predict person nature completely, Judgment D-10 shows one’s professional activities as well as other activities in society related to hobbies and interests. The same we can all transits in this chart similarly we see from D-1, even marriage can also be predicted from D-10 because we bind ourselves in social relation and Jupiter and Saturn transit should be looked in the transit over seven house and any aspect. D-10 is our karma and we cannot skip it unless done so it is something which bound to happen and no escape and that’s why it is hold more importance. Hope you enjoyed reading this post and at my level I tried to give all possible aspect of Dashamsha Chart in the detail from all angels and you can use in it your personnel chart and others and you can pin point native image at work place and who can support them from AL because Image does extremely well in attainting position. I like to thanks everyone through I learnt all this.

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