Debilitated Planets Powerful Remedy

What is the debilitated planet?

When any planet looses its own strength to deliver fully results and cannot show own potential for the person horoscope. These planets give lots of hard work, trouble and humiliation status but debilitated gives success, money and power if cancellation of debility occurs in the chart.

Where does the planet get debilitated?

Worship Jyotirlinga

Jyotirlinga is connected with lord Shiva and Jyotir means “Fire” and Linga Mean “Shiva representation” and each Zodiac sign has one devotional connection of Jyotirlinga. People should worship particular sign Jyotirlinga to get away from debilitated planet curse.

There are 12 Jyotirlinga Situated in India and Person who has any weak planet in their chart then person should worship exalted sign connected Jyotirlinga. Ex: – If Sun is weak in the chart then see the Exalted Position of Sun that is Aries sign and you should worship in Rāmeśvara Temple. See below all Spiritual stories of 12 Jyotirlinga and planets association with it.

Aries (Rāmeśvara Temple)

Rāmeśvara Temple is situated in Tamil Nadu South India. It is the one of the devotional place, it is surrounded by Ocean and Bangal Bay. It is believed that Lord Rama worship this Jyotirlinga after killing Ravana, as sages advised Rama Lord to Worship Shiva to get rid of curse for killing Brahman and Ravana was a Brahmin, then Sita and Ram Lord worship this and along with Hanuman Lord brought Linga from Kashi so you will find two Linga’s here. It is also know Swaminath Temple and it is very beautiful and full of amazing art. Devotees can reach easily from Madurai place and stay with ease here.

Taurus (Somanātha Temple) 

It is the first Jyotirlinga among 12 and situated in Prabhas Patan Veraval in Gujarat. It is the main place of Shiva, it is believed that Prajapati Daksha decided for all his 27 daughters to marry with Moon Lord and they were happy to marry as well but Moon used to love lot only to one wife known as Rohini and other wife’s were upset from this. Finally all 26 Wife’s of Moon went to their Father and Prajapati advised not to repeat this in future to Moon Lord and keep equal behaviors with all my daughters.

But nothing changed and in anger Prajapati Daksha cursed to Moon to get faded and quickly everything got dark, to see this all gods went to Brahma to rescue from this curse. Brahma lord said it is impossible reversal of curse but still one remedy can be performed. Moon lord needs to worship Shiva Lord with recitation of Mahamrityunjay Mantra and pleased him to get rid of this curse and after it is known as Somanātha Jyotirlinga. Lord Shiva was pleased and finally appeared to Moon lord and gave boon that you will get shine back by reducing in size fifteen days and increasing in fifteen days. It is the current motion of moon and passes to all 27 Nakshatras in a month but still stays little longer in Rohini as favorite Nakshatra and ruler as well.

Gemini (Nāgeśvara Temple)

It is the 10th Jyotirlinga and situated in Gujarat. There was a man known Supriya and devotee of Lord Shiva and one day he was sailing to sea and then a demon named “Daruk” attacked him and kidnapped everyone there. In imprisonment Supriya started recitation of Lord Shiva and advised everyone there for same. When Demon Daruk got to know about this recitation and demon Scream loudly to stop all else I will kill you but Supriya did not stop. Finally Lord Shiva appeared and gave him Pashupatas to kill all demons. He killed Daruk and went to Shiv Loka since this Jyotirlinga known as Nāgeśvara Temple.

Cancer (Omkāreśvara Temple) 

It is the fourth Jyotirlinga and located in Khandwa in Madhya Pradesh, it is believed that Lord Shiva lives here after pilgrimage. King Mandhata worshipped Lord Shiva and appeared to Mandhata, asked him for boon. King said lord please stay here forever and provide me salvation. Since that Lord Shiva is present here in the form of Jyotirlinga.

It is known as Parmeshwar linga according to Shivmahapuran. Once Narad Rishi worshiped Gokad Shiv and after sometime visited to Giriraj Vinyachal and King offered service to Narad Rishi with full devotion and said I have everything and prosperity. Vinyachal asked to Lord Narad why do you think I still something missing? Narad jee said you have everything but Neru Parvat far above than you Mahal and it goes to Dev Lok but not yours. Vinyachal got upset and involved in worshipping lord Shiva. After seeing this worship Lord Shiva appeared and gave him boon of his wish to have excellent wisdom and finish all tasks. 

Leo (Vaidyanātha Temple) 

It is located in Deoghar Jharkhand, Once Ravana worshiped on Kailash Parvat for Lord Shiva and Ravana pleased Shiva and asked for boon to be in Lanka. Lord Shiva accepted request of Ravana and said you can worship me there as Linga but while carrying this Linga to Lanka, do not keep it on earth else it will remain there. But all Gods were not happy with this and Lord Vishnu planned to disturb journey of Ravana and made busy him in piss, finally Ravana handover to Linga to Milkman or Vishnu.

Lord Vishnu put Linga there and vanished, after Ravana worship there and pressed Linga with thump into the soil and it is believed you can still see thump mark of Ravana on this Linga. A devotee named Vaidyanath offered Bengal quince to this Linga and on his name it is called Vaidyanātha Temple.

Virgo (Mallikārjuna Temple) 

It is located in Shail Parvat Andra Pradesh, Mallika means Goddess Parvati and Arjuna means Lord Shiva. Once Lord Kartikeye and Ganesh Jee were fighting to get marry first. Finally both reached to Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati to sought it, they said who will come first to cover full earth that will be married first. Lord Kartikeya started cover earth on peacock and Lord Ganesha was moving around Shiva and Parvati seven times, according to him Parents are the world and who worship them is equal to earth. After this Lord Ganesha married to Ridhi and Sidhi.

As Kartikeye Lord came back and got upset to see wedding of Lord Ganesha and went to Konch Parvat, to meet their child Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati start visiting their on each Amavashya and Purnima since that day it is famous for Jyotirlinga.

Libra (Mahākāla Temple) 

It is the third Jyotirlinga and situated in Ujjain, India. A Brahmin used to live in Avanti Nagar and regularly perform fire rituals at home and worship Lord Shiva. He followed Dharma, Vedas and righteous activities and had full faith in Shiva as devotee. Brahmin had four Children and all were full of wisdom. One day a demon name “Dusan” who had boon from Brahma, he attached on all Brahmins, Veda and rituals and killed many. Then Brahmin started worshiping of Lord Shiva in the form of Linga and When Demon saw them and as soon as tried to attack them, that Linga went down and Lord Shiva as Mahakal came and Killed Dusan and demon forces.

All Gods from sky praises Lord Shiva with flowers, Lord said I am pleased with your devotion and ask boon. Brahmin then ask for salvation and please stay here for everyone protection. This is story how this Jyotirlinga is worshipped by all for protection.

Scorpio (Grishneshwar Temple) 

it is situated in Maharashtra, India and this temple was constructed by Ahilya Bai. A Brahmin named “Sudharma” and his wife Sudheya. Both were living happily and had everything but no child. Sudharma was forced to marry Ghusma by his wife for child. Ghusma was the sister of Sudheya, She was devotee of Lord Shiva and every day used to perform all rituals with 100 Lingas. Later Ghusma blessed with Son and all lived happily.

After some years, Sudharma the first wife felt jealously towards Ghusma and her child to see her fame in the house after child. Ghusma Son became older and got married. Both Sudharma and Ghusma used to perform Lord Shiva worship with 100 Lingas and jealously of Sudheya was on fire. One day Sudheya killed Son with Knife and drown body parts in the river where Ghusma immersions Lord Shiva 100 Lingas each day after worship.

In the morning all were upset with when found no son, but Ghusma focused on morning Lord Shiva rituals, after went to river for immersion then she found her Son alive and touching feets for blessing. Lord Shiva appeared there and narrated everything about Sudheya. Lord Shiva starts further to punish Sudheya but Ghusma requested to forgive her that pleased Lord Shiva and that day it is also known as Ghumeshwar Temple on the name of Ghusma.

Sagittarius (Viśvanātha Temple) 

It is situated in Kasi or Varanasi, also known as pilgrimage place. This Jyotirlinga was put by Lord Shiva or it came itself and it is said it never destructed and Lord Shiva takes it on his trident during such time. Kashi is most historical place and currently there are three temples here first was in Gyanvapi built by Ahila Bai and cotting of Gold by Sikh Randhjeet Singh. Second in Kashi Hindu Vishwavidyalay which was built by industrialist Birla, Third one in Nirghat which was built by Swami Karpatri.

Capricorn (Bhimaśaṅkara Temple) 

It is the sixth Jyotirlinga and there are two temples one situated in Pune, Maharashtra and another in Kamrup, Assam. As per Shiva Puran it is the actually one in Kamrup. There was a demon named “Bheem” and used to live with his Mother “Karkati” and once he asked about his father so mother replied your father was kumbhkaran and killed by Rama not only this but my Husband Viradh he was also killed by Rama. After I started living with my family, once they tried to eat Agastmuni rishi student who was devotee of Vishnu and he killed my family.

Bheem started praying to Brahma for revenge of his family and got boon to be most powerful. He defeated all Lords including Indra and Vishnu Lord. Later he tried to won over earth and attacked Kamrup King Sudhakshina and put in the imprisonment. Sudhakshina was the devotee of Lord Shiva, he made Shiva Linga and start worshipping in the cell. When Bheem saw this he tried to break Linga with his sword but Shiva appeared there and burnt him with fire. All gods appeared there and requested Lord Shiva to stay here and that is known as Bhimaśaṅkara.

Aquarius (Kedārnātha Temple)

It is situated in Uttarakhand and it open only for 6 months and closed remaining months because of heavy ice. There are two famous stories about this Jyotirlinga.

  • First Story: – On the top of Kedarnath Nara-Narayana who were devotee of Lord Vishnu, they worshiped here for Lord Shiva and  Lord was happy with their worship and appeared there to boon Nara-Narayana, they said lord Shiva please stay here and bless everyone.
  • Second Story: – After the war of Mahabharata Pandavas were in guilt to kill own ancestors. Then start visiting to Lord Shiva for forgiveness but Lord Shiva did not sight and turned in Bull. Bheem was so desperate to meet Lord and knew who is the form of Bull and grabbed it hardly. Lord Shiva was impressed with Bheem dedication and appeared there to make them curse free.

Pisces Tryambakeśvara : 

It is situated in Nasik near Godavari river, it has three faces Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh. Once Gautam Rishi and other Rishis wifes got angry with Ahelya, All wifes of Rishis wanted insult of Gautam Rishi. Rishis worshiped Lord Ganesha and said Lord please take away Gautam Rishi from this monastery. Lord Ganesh took form of weak cow and grass fours in the field of Rishi Gautam. Rishi ran for cow but cow died all sages said it is not good to kill cow and you should do penance.

Gautam it is Sin and you should cover three time earth and fast here for a month, move around 101 times Brahmagiri. After Worship one Crore Shivalings with Gangajal, take bath in Ganga then cover 11 times Brahma giri. Finally with 100 houses water pouring on Shivalinga. Gautam Rishi did all with his Wife Ahelya and also worshiped lord Shiva to get rid from Cow curse.

Lord Shiva said you are free from Cow lynching and it was false allegation on you by all Rishis but I want to punish them. Gautam Rishi requested Lord that please forgive them because of them I have seen you and please stays here so Lord Shiva is there in the form Jyotirlinga.