Gemstone Vedic Astrology

How gemstone Works that is not even the part of gemstone vedic astrology, there is no single book in astrology will recommend stones, because stones are part of a different subject of Indian Culture. It is the science Shastra (Text) means a study of chemicals in our body and the atmosphere, so that these stones are formed and what results they will give it is mentioned in the science Shastra. If you want to deal with souls so go and read a science chapter and it is completely wrong which stone is suitable for us to rectify our problems.

Gemstone in Astrology and Myths

So far people are asking for recommended gemstones from astrologers, all of them will be recommended based on their horoscope’s strongest planet to get desired results.

Suppose, Saturn is retro in horoscope then one should go for a Mars gemstone (Red Coral) or still stick with the elements. It is also depending on what you want to achieve with the stone if somebody has a Mars retrograde then you know this particular person is highly stubborn, he’s not going to listen and he does not have patience so tell him where Blue Sapphire (Saturn) the moment person will wear blue Sapphire will start getting calmed down and don’t be impractical about it means Saturn might be the worst plan for you according to your horoscope and Saturn lordship ex: – 6,8,12 houses.

Do not worry about stones that they are not going to kill you, it’s only the energy that has been split way to do remedies for the retrograde plants and the Rahu Ketu is to use the reverse psychological yourself when I say reverse psychology which means this will work on many levels such as if somebody has a certain retrograde uncertain retrograde is creating trouble by creating fear so what is a positive fear, what is happening and who gives you that for the courage so what you will wear? Red coral manga red coral yeah! So and I’m telling you with absolute honesty trust me when I say this there is no such thing as 6,8,12 houses to not wear stones.

Importance of Gemstones in Astrology

Someone wore Green Emerald for a long amount of time, the worst story you pick up is the worst one in his chart as Cancer Ascendant and Mercury (Green Emerald Gemstone) being the 12th  lord and debilitated in the native chart in Gemini in 9th house astrology and still, he wore it because people who do not study create only fear-mongering how can the sister be true right that a stone can change the destiny of a native I tell you what Stones actually do this what they do is they provide you energy because what they have done is they have accumulated over and this is the energy which is required by your body to study and learn (Mercury) and he had the best time with Mercury significations.

Emerald Gemstone

Let’s have an example if someone has Saturn retrograde in the horoscope that native would have fear of something and less amount of confidence as Saturn is the planet of restriction (But only if Saturn is not working at a higher level because Saturn gets exalted in Libra the sign of Market and Stage of showcase), that person should use the energy of mars to overcome it of shyness and confidence issue by wearing Red Coral. It will start radiating energy which is of confidence because people who are not confident what happens to them nobody wants to be friends with them you imagine.

 I mean imagine your class High School people who were not good in studies that’s fine but the ones who were always afraid and scared they absolutely reach nowhere it is a confidence issue which makes you go through all the bad phases so stones have their energy which they have accumulated over a period of time in the Earth and then the same energy will go through your body it will regulate the fear.

Note: – Author is mentioning a general statement and individual chart and the person’s original personalities, behavior, and attitude are different so entire things need to be judged to reach on conclusion.  

Another way, if someone has Rahu lord in Libra sign with Venus then it will create an obsession for relationships, marriage, etc. and if it is increasing then how should you control it? You should wear Ketu stone (Cats Eye) the planet of freedom. Similarly Gemini ascendant and Jupiter Markesh and placed in the 6th house, the day since the native wore Jupiter’s Stone the life has changed native is worry free although Mercury people are not worry free but literally it has made person worry free like do not care about very little things so this is a personal experience of that person.

Horoscope Gemstones

Your whole life depends on which part of the planet is placed in Ascendant or planet aspecting it, another you want to raise your life and I’m telling you this for every one of you and most powerful gemstone in astrology. You want to raise the standard of your life to the next level and improve your Ascendant so let’s suppose you are Capricorn rising which planet exalts in Capricorn (Mars) so the moment I will wear a Red Coral Stone my life will automatically start going up but what Mars and Asc. Also, increase anger tendencies and sudden events and accidents both cons and pros are available with gemstone effects.

Red Gomed

Any stone you will wear, it will give you bad and good results so you have to be prepared that this is why I’m wearing it if you’re wearing Gomed (Rahu Stone) and it is anywhere your Rahu is linked with Mars you are bound to go to police station for some reason so do not be scared of it as part of the energy which you’re going to go and get from there.

Thump rule is that improve and make strong your ascendant lord and planet involve in with your ascendant to get benefited always. When your ascendant is extremely strong or stronger than 6th 8th and 12th houses diseases and losses do not affect you so that is why we wear the ascendant lord stone whenever possible

You have a fire element issue so which is controlled by Sun so you started wearing a ruby what ruby does it controls the complete body fire element with the element of heat and your body starts getting regulated but you should also remember when Sun Stone (Ruby) you’re wearing it is also going to give you certain kind of ego and also going to give you certain kind of status, pride, wealth by wearing a stone along with relationship and marital bliss are getting spoiled because now your energy is changing.