How to Grow Business with Astrology Remedies

Grow business with astrology help and remedies, Mercury is the process of creation or structure to create a profitable business with continuous learning, you often thought that some businesses flourish, some excel in a short time and generate millions of dollars in business whereas another aspect most of people failed to get success in business even after lots of struggle.

Business Growth and Mercury in Vedic Astrology

Growth in the business can be examined with multiple factors, but the base should be correct and knowledge to understand it. Mercury in Astrology rules trade sense, profit calculation, intellect, Wittiness, Humour, Jokes, charm, acting, how to be the face of the crowd, handwriting, and thought processes in life. If you keep happy yourself and around people then Mercury is in a good state in your horoscope. Mercury transits near with Sun which is also the manager of wisdom and Intelligence.

Combusted Mercury can create issues because of excess wisdom and hate to listen to others and take everything on ego which can spoil communication and wittiness, jolly and humor nature of Mercury, it is better to avoid an aggressive attitude and keep a healthy environment while dealing with others.

Mercury is the planet that governs the business and your intellect to do it, Mercury absorbs the significance with sits or signs where it is placed, one thing is sure you can’t be master in all, or if you are ( Multi-Telented) still you cannot perform all tasks. You need skilled force to do work as a team.

Mercury rules two signs Gemini & Virgo

Gemini: It’s the airy sign, more than its natural 3rd sign of speaking. When a child learns how to play or shows the courage to move, similarly when you open a business then advertise it either verbally or digitally.

Virgo: This is the sign of discipline and routing hard work. this sign shows disease and might be because of over work or due to lazyness. It is said that if you do continuous work on anything then success is guaranteed but focus required.

Mercury in Elements for Business Attitude

My focus will be on the Planet Mercury and how it works with other planets, signs, and houses because mercury takes the energy of planets with it sits.

Mercury in the Fire Sign: – If your Mercury placement in Signs (1,5,9) so you have continuous ideas for resolving issues. You will be known for instant thought process and quick prompt with clearing mess.

Note: Whichever planet in the fire signs (1,5,9) that planet natural significations will be staying in your life always. ex:- Venus lord in the Aries, Leo, and Saggitarius (1,5,9) then natural Venus significations like – beauty, wealth, luxury, etc and the house ruling in the chart will always remain in the native life.

Mercury in the Earthy Signs: Mercury Placement in the signs (2,6,10) then you are an excellent person for managing cash flow and unique ways to earn and Investment. Your way of life is the creation of wealth.

Mercury in the Airy Signs: Mercury Placement in the Signs (3,7,11) and these signs make you communicative, networking, marketing and good at connecting people. You are an excellent trader ( Buying & Selling ) goods.

Mercury in the Watery Signs: Mercury in the Signs of watery (4,8,12) but we need to understand that these are the emotional signs. These people are imaginary, dreamy, beyond-thinking, designers and want to see rules and regulations in the workplace, but never follow themselves.

These people need practical influence in their life so be in that company.

Astrology Remedies for Business Growth

There are remedies for Mercury to do excel in business, I precisely discussed that Mercury is a thought process in trade, and you have to have a good relationship with its significance.

1. Worship the God: Mercury is the form of Narayanan, we should worship to the lord. It is believed that Lord Narayana shows us the path and Goddess Lakshmi wife of Narayan bestow us prosperity and wealth.

2. Pay off debts: Mercury lord is the natural ruler of the Sixth house, which shows loan. You will have to pay debts and show a little will to start paying debts in case of financial issues.

Suppose Mercury is placed in the 2nd house, it’s the house of resources and wealth. you are in debt to family members, responsible for paying off debts to them by serving and taking care. Once you pay off either happily or hated then you will start improving your finances.

3. Speak Softly: Mercury is one of the planet of Information and Speech, you notice that most of our fights and arguments take place because of arrogant and worst language. It is advised that have a sweet voice and loving nature while conversation to strengthen Mercury regardless of placement and signs of the planet in the horoscope

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Don’t hurt the sentiments of others and bring cordial relationships in speech and message to have friendly Mercury in the horoscope.

Note: There should not pretend to speak gently, it should be feeling in heart towards others.