How to learn Astrology like a Professional

What is the Astrology and Who should learn it?

Vedic Astrology is the origin and it is the knowledge of seers that has been given to us so that human can learn and know these secrets deeply and through Astrology we can know our reason of birth in this life, past and surely future as well. Earlier astrology was known to limited people but for last few decades interest in Astrology has become wider and also took place in western. There are two types of Astrology knowledge are discussed now a days, because many believers and researchers in this field and curiosity to bring some new.

1. Vedic Astrology

It is based on Sidereal Zodiac that works by planet transit in the sky, example Sun transits in Ashwini Nakshatras reveals that Sun in the Aries Zodiac sign. It is the foundation of Jyotish (Astrology) and Hindu scripture talks only about it.

2. Western Astrology

It is based on seasons like Summer, Winter and Spring etc. If we see 21st March to 20 April in each year Sun is in the Aries Sign as per Western Astrology believe, but in Vedic Astrology Sun would in Pisces sign.

Who Should Learn Astrology?

Astrology is a never ending subject and person is always in the learning mode or revealing secrets of it. Many profound astrologers are still learning inspite of 30 years of experience. Everyone cannot learn Astrology, if you are planning or interested in learning this knowledge that only because of Nature and god energy want you to get into it. Sometime it is good to learn and mitigate unnecessary problems of your life and once you are fully devoted then nature and Goddess energy will take care of you in providing right guidance in Astrology knowledge.

Once we learn Astrology then we get to know unknown secrets and all responsible bad and good karma for current life situation, then our karma is to purify self deeds and others by consultations. But it is also true there are few combinations in the person Horoscope like 10th and 9th House relation or 5th and 8th house or anything between 10th, 9th, 5th and 8th house then person can learn and research in Astrology field easily.

Sun, Jupiter, Mercury and Rahu lords are the planets which can give us interest and knowledge in astrology if these planets have relation either with 5th, Specially 8th and 9th house then person can learn it but for making it profession, it should be link with 10th house and 11th house.

 Methods to learn Astrology?

1. Youtube Channels

Social media is very popular now, Youtube is a great platform in learning and sharing your valuable content with people free of cost. You can find hundreds of channel which talks about Astrology and share latest events on it.

You can easily Subscribe multiple astrology based Channels and learn it from foundation, although every new thing takes a time and efforts too but it gives worth full results later.

If still you are not able to find best Astrology based Channels on youtube, then you can contact me and I will suggest you my favorite youtube channels on Astrology.

2. Blogs on Astrology

Blogs on Astrology are increasing day by day, and you can follow any blogs and learn Astrology topics from it, the best part of learning from blogging that you can tell author about any doubt and request your interested topic also because many blog authors love to interact with readers.

One of the finest blogs on Astrology which covers all related topics and post latest Astrology matters, you can subscribe Astroblink and you can take great amount of knowledge from this.

3. Books on Astrology

Books are the great source of knowledge in affordable price, you can pickup best author books and start building solid foundation and grab each definition and techniques with examples.

Most of the time authors are the experts in their field with years of experience, which things they tried, experimented and succeed then they share with audience so it is always good to learn from books and take years of work experience in few pages of book.

4. NewsPapers and NewsChannels

We can read NewsPapers and NewsChannels for Astrology matters, some of the best known channels broadcast daily updates on stars and planets updates by experts and some of them take request calls as well to solve query free of cost, but it can vary country to country.

Human Observation is the vital in any field, if we see and read something then we need to analysis why they predict such events based on current stars position, you can read online such things because in current social regime all things are available online.

5. Magazines

Many profound astrologers publish their weekly or monthly articles in the magazine and have huge selling record, so it is also good source of learning and you can visit magazine seller and ask for any best Astrology magazine.

You can also subscribe magazines to get its weekly or monthly copies on email and it can save huge time of traveling and get hard copy, because Astrologer publish only their secret findings and upcoming planetary events to forecast how can it impact people.

6. Personnel Research by Horoscopes

You know very well your relatives, families and close friends, even their life patterns and major events. Once you get basic knowledge to analysis horoscope then you can collect as much as horoscope of known people and match their life events with horoscope reading analysis.

This is one of the popular method to gain Knowledge and becoming experts. You will find thousands of horoscope data with professional astrologer either clients or people and that help them in research. Astro data is the popular site to get famous people Horoscope details. You should always keep this data with you and these can be saved in Astrology software.

7. Buy Astrology Course Online

There are various websites which provides online Course on Astrology, if you really want to study advanced and sharpen skill then you can think to enroll for online video course which can offer a lot subjects to learn.

Video material is also good because you can download (If this option available) and watch later in case of any doubt.

8. Enroll For Astrology Classes

No one is greater than teacher in the life, it’s a blessing to learn from Guru or Teacher. You can enroll yourself in classes and learn from profound Astrologers, in my experience all best astrologers have own classes to teach the students regardless age factor either online or at place.

Once you are into live classes, you can ask your doubts instantly and learn in better way, you can share your views with students.

Hope the methods I have shared above to learn Astrology would help you to gain valuable knowledge from these.

How Can You Earn from Astrology Knowledge?

Astrology is the divine power to protect yourself and others by your consultation, we should always in helping mode and should not falsely or overly charge money from client by suggesting unwanted gems and remedies which has direct relation with Astrologer profits, else you are not doing good karma. Astrologer should charge which is fair in all terms and be genuine in profession.

1. Astrology Consultation

You can provide client consultation and solve their problems, in return you can charge fees. This is the primary source of income of all astrologer and all do really well in it.

2. Start Astrology Classes

You can be teacher and provide valuable Astrology classes to the students those are looking to learn Astrology classes, be clear in your concept and give value to your content.

3. Prepare Online Courses

You can prepare online Courses by preparing best content and publish either your own website or social media, if people find it valuable and unique they will buy your course.

4. Writing Books

Many Experts in Astrology field would have at least a book which they have written personally, some of them keep writing and publish, If you are not interested in publishing hard copy of book then you can write E-Book with awesome content which can benefit readers.

You can follow all methods for earning through you learnt Astrology and which discussed above in detail.


The Best Astrologers are those able to gain faith of customers through their knowledge and solving problem skills, to becoming astrologer we need a lot dedication and self discipline. There are many things which person needs to change in behavior like Calmness, no cruelty and respectful to all.