Joe Biden and Kamala Harris Zodiac signs power in Chart

Joe Biden Horoscope

Joe Biden has been elected 46th President of Powerful Country U.S, Joe Biden also tried his luck two times before in 1988 and 2008, but finally won a third time Democratic in 2020. Joe Biden was a Vice President during the Brack Obama tenure, although he has seen lots of tragedy in his entire life span and felt victory ultimately in the age of 78th years.

Analysis of D1 Chart of Joe Biden

Joe Biden astrology charts depicts himself as powerful and determined personality, Being Scorpio ascendant and 10th Lord Sun in the Lagna shows great career, authority with name and fame.

Sun represents authority, politics and policies but Scorpio shows delay in the life and it is one of the reason Joe Biden became president finally but with lots of struggle and long perseverance.

5th lord shows power and 5th lords Jupiter exalted in 9th house of fortune so it was his destiny to be on throne and Jupiter lord also aspecting 5th house of power and Lagna, 10th lord Sun so it is Rajyog and shows royal status.

Lagna Lord Mars in 12th house shows a lot of faith in god and spirituality matters and aspecting own sign “Aries” sixth house means win over his enemies.

Saturn shows people support those actually have faith and cast their vote for us and sitting in a public house or the 7th house in friendly sign too and it is considered exalted in 7th house regardless sign.

Rahu lord is in the 10th house considered good for power and career, many astrologers believe that if Rahu lord is in Leo or aspecting Leo sign then it gives immense result during their dasa and antardasha related power, authority and fame that below you can see in Dasa section.

Vipreet rajyog also happening in the chart, 8th and 6th lords in 12th house and it shows during unfavorable conditions suddenly turned into benefits.

Analysis of D9 or Navamsa Chart of Joe Biden

D9 chart holds a prominent place to predict accurately and it shows actual strengths of planets, if we look at the d9 chart 5th lord in exaltation, retrograde and Vargotama and all these exceeds the power of the planet.

Many Believes Rahu lord does well in Gemini and Mercury in own sign the planet of communication in 9th house.

In D9 Chart 5th Lord Saturn in the 9th, house the house of destiny and fortune with Power and authority.

Sun in own house in the sign of Leo with D9 Lagna lord Venus, so shows gain full life.

Ketu lord in the third house in D9 shows unique speech which takes wow of supporters internally also in good sign.

Overall very strong Navamsa Chart and shows luck and fructify life.

D-10 Chart Analysis of Joe Biden

D-10 or Dasamsa Chart shows Career, power and Success in the society, significator of 10th house is Saturn and being 5th lord placed again in 9th house so power and authority is destined.

Lagna lord of D-10 Chart Venus placed in 11th house with 11th lord Sun itself and 11th house shows big ambitions, large groups and gains.

10th Lord of D-10 Moon placed with 5th lord Saturn in 9th house and 9th lord in 10th house so it is a powerful Rajyoga with exchange of houses.

As I have studied and being honest Ketu in the seventh house shows Someone wants to get away from public life for self interest and involve completely in society re-forms works.

Annual Chart or Tajaka Chart of Joe Biden

Our Birth Chart shows complete destiny and Karma but one of concept, which I learnt from respected PVR Narasimha Rao, the Annual Chart Shows big events particular in that year example here in 2020, here I am using Annual Chart of 2020 year only.

In Annual Chart 10th Lord Sun in the Lagna and Lagna lord in the 5th House (the house of power and throne)

5th lord Jupiter in 3rd house with 3rd Lord Saturn and 9th Lord Moon, although 5th lord in Debility but Cancellation of debility, also forming by Saturn and Moon, which showed although it was clear victory but still some unexpected things were there and at the end all will be favourable for Joe Biden.

This was the total analysis based on Astrological facts and it was destined for the Joe Biden to be as Powerful Men.

MahaDasha of Joe Biden

Joe Biden is running under Mahadasha of Jupiter, the fifth lord and Antar dasha of Rahu Lord sitting in 10th house, the house of name, fame and politics.

So Dasa or Timing should support a person and all is favourable for Joe Biden.

Kamala Harris Horoscope and its Zodiac signs power that leads her as Vice President of the United States

Kamala Devi Harris, 49th and first women Vice-President of the United States in the Democratic Administration of President Joe Biden.

Analysis of D1 Chart of Kamala Harris

Lagna lord Mercury in the 5th house, the house of power and authority and 5th lord Venus in third house the house speech and making connection with 9th lord Saturn, the house of fortune.

It is a Rajyoga or powerful status when any relation forming between 5th and 9th lord.

10th Lord Jupiter in 12th house shows lots of freedom in work and also in double strength being retrograde and shows extra desire related to that house.

There is an exchange of houses between 2nd lord Moon and 11th lord Mars and so desire fulfilment and gain full life, I already mentioned above the 11th house shows big ambitions and desire to be on top position.

There is an Exchange between 3rd and 5th lord and forming Cancellation of debility that gives sudden favourable result if ruling good houses in the chart.

Analysis of D9 or Navamsa Chart of Kamala Harris

In D-9 Chart, the Rahu Lord in Lagna in friendly sign, Libra is a sign of public platform and Kamala was destined to be on Public Platform.

Jupiter in Debilitation shows lots of hard work, sometime lost faith but suddenly come back strongly and also 10th lord Moon is in Taurus, exalted in eighth house shows sudden positive outcome.

Saturn shows Mass support and placed in 2nd house and aspecting own house Capricorn, 4th house also shows Public support.

9th lord Mercury placed in the third house, aspecting own house so continuous flow of luck with efforts.

D-10 Chart Analysis of Kamala Harris

Saturn as ninth lord placed in 10th house shows service for people and also exchange in 9th and 10th lords. These is also cancelation of debility forming and strong Powerful or Rajyoga yoga.

Second lord Moon is exalted in 12th house and aspected by 9th lord which shows support from Mass.

5th Lord placed in 11th house and aspecting own house of power and authority, even gainful life. Note planet in own house or aspecting own house shows continuous support of that planet and considered strong.

Lagna lord Mercury in 7th house of public relation with 11th house Lord Mars, always in public platform and performing activities for social reforms with complete passion and desire, because mars in the Sagittarius fiery sign .

Annual Chart or Tajaka Chart of Kamala Harris

5th house plays an important role for power as said to be past deed house and in an Annual 2020 chart for the Kamala Harris chart, 5th Lord Saturn in the fifth house.

4th Lord Jupiter also in own house with 11th Lord Moon and forming Gajkesari yoga with aspect on 10th house of career and ninth lord Venus, Wherever houses Jupiter lord aspects it expands the houses result. If Jupiter lord rules the good houses in the chart, then results can be achieved without much efforts.

Sun Lord rules the power and politics and being the Natural fifth house ruler of Leo Sign, also here is an exchange between ninth lord Venus and 12th lord Sun, it was a great period to be on throne.

This was an analysis of both Powerful persons on the foundation of Astrology and clearly shows how Horoscope shows destiny of human.

MahaDasha of Kamala Harris

Kamala Harris is running under Mahadasha of Rahu Lord and Antar dasha of Mercury lord, Mercury is a Lagna Lord and placed in the Fifth house with Venus fifth lord and Rahu lord also co-rule Aquarius sign and it is a 9th house. In dasa also there is Rajyoga forming because of 5th house and 9th house.


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