Jupiter Transit in Aquarius sign

Jupiter Significations

The Signification of wisdom, knowledge and wealth Jupiter lord has transited finally again in the Aquarius sign and will here for shorter time and move in own Pisces sign in April 2022. When Jupiter lord is here then usually people and friends will come for your help and you should help if you can, it can be chances you feel awkward after doing but it’s okay and nothing happen without reason.

When Jupiter lord comes in the Aquarius sign then people with good deeds and doing welfare work can succeed with the blessings. It is also considered good time for economics and many sectors will reform for future growth. Aquarius denotes common people and many government parties will be exposed front of nation, many changes can be expected in political parties.

It is the time when we actually come out from personal space and forward to shake hands with world and get involved into collaboration, groups activity. Internally helping others and this is the main trait of Aquarius sign. People will more on money, stock and self-health improvement.

It is the natural sign of desire fulfillment and focused will be on survival and physical care, also land investment can take place to earn money. People will be fascinated lot with music, instrument and eagerly to learn these. There will be fluctuation in gold price as Jupiter lord is gold also, many people look Vastu or this knowledge for their home décor.

Jupiter lord will be transiting in Shatabhisha nakshatra, there might be chances to stabilize pandemic things, it is nakshatra of 100 healers and it could be time of proven medicine in nation that would cure this pandemic in large scale. Spiritual group will be prominent and gathering can take place in big way. It is Rahu lord nakshatra so all will be in huge and massive way and deity is Varuna and people will like to have experience of ocean and beach. It is the good time for astrology profession and large group collaborations.

It is really important to see which house this transit occurring in your chart from both Ascendant and Moon, you can experience good result if house is good.

Jupiter Transit in Aquarius sign and Analysis for all Ascendants

Libra/Aries: – Love, romance and children matters will be into consideration. Gains and big expectation. In profession there can be responsibility, new ventures, one can see marriage proposals and talk in the family related this. Jupiter will aspect direct on 5th house so speculation and intelligence level will get blessings.

Scorpio/Taurus: – Peace of mind would be key things, love to spend time with home, may be change of home. Keep the clean heart and help others. One can see growth in profession, change of job etc.

For Taurus ascendant Saturn placement must be see and Aquarius is ruled by Saturn and but person can experience wealth related opportunities and routine tasks.

Sagittarius/Gemini: – Transit will be in third house so Courage to initiate something new and short traveling. Siblings matters might come up front. Usually Jupiter brings blessing as natural ninth lord so pushes the things which were halted for long. Ninth house shows teacher, religious journey and spirituality. Person can visit pilgrimage places to enhance luck.  

Capricorn/Cancer: –  Jupiter lord being 12th and 3rd house ruler transiting in the second house. Surely wealth related karma will pop up, excessive spend and putting lots of efforts to earn wealth, can be fond of sweet food so try over eating and control over speech during hard time.

Aquarius/Leo: – Jupiter lord is transiting over lagna, more prospects of knowledge, teachers and wealth. It is actually the blessings to have planets in lagna and also with Dig bala, lot of helping hands come forward to take you on milestone. Marriage, relationship and child matters turn up into life.

Pisces/Virgo: – Foreign visit and investment can be prominent things, take care of health else might be some serious. There are high chances to gain prestige in profession.

Note: – I do not strongly emphasis on Signs because all person charts and their planetary combinations are different and purpose to write to impact on all ascendants just to give glimpse only.

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