Maha Shivratri and Its importance in Astrology

Maha Shivatri

We all know only about Maha Shivratri and its rituals which our parents, ourselves or dear ones perform in the home and temples during this auspicious day, but some of might be eager to know in detail so here I will explain in details to understand deeply the actual mean of this Ratri. There is a Shivratri every month and total are 12 or 13 Shivratri’s but among all this is the Known Maha Shivratri which is on 1st March 2022.

Maha Shivratri is the spiritual day and has sins burning signification, there is a different kind of energy in each nights specially Magha month ( Feb to March) Known as Maha Shivratri.

It is being celebrated on 18th feb 2023 in this year, this is the night on Saturday to get consciousness towards Shiva.

Who is the Shiva?

There are various beliefs on Shiva names:

  • Adiyogi
  • Adhishwra
  • Yugadideva (First Lord of Universe)
  • Pratham Rajeshwara (First King)
  • Rishabhnath (The Bull)
  • Shiv Shankar
  • Dhakshina Murty Shiva

So what we conceive that Shiva lord is a male gender but in reality Shiva neither Male nor Female.

A human should feel same in their Consciousness all the time as mentioned. Shiva is the ardhnareshwar energy and unmanifested to manifestation.

“I am not attached to any righteous or Sins, Neither Pleasure or Sorrow, I don’t need any Mantra, rituals, Sacred Scriptures” I am Supreme, Joyful, Fortunate and keeps truth, knowledge and internal bliss and under pure Shiva consciousness”

Why should we celebrate Maha Shivratri?

Shiva is the energy and we have unlimited desires and wishes to fulfil, due to our actions and sins it does not get manifest but on this special Shivratri day if we worship Shiva then energy helps us to manifest all due wishes and desires.

Shivratri is celebrated in the night, now question is why night is so important. There two festivals which are mainly celebrated in the night ( Maha Shivratri and Janamastmi ) because night is considered as future and has power to manifest the pending desires, wishes so that we can enjoy in the future.

Astrology aspect of Maha Shivratri

Sun lord is considered Shiva and During Mahashivratri it is in Aquarius sign in Dhanishta Nakshatra which represents Drum and again association with Shiva. Aquarius is the natural 11th house of our wishes fulfilments, gains. If look other side Sun lord transits in Leo Sign when we celebrate Janamastmi so both Ratri festival are celebrated when either Sun in Leo or Aquarius.

During this night one special muhurata called “Amrit or Jeeva Muhuruta” and it is the same time in which Lord Shiva gave Maha Mritunjya Mantra to Lord Shukra. It is believed if pray in this 48 minutes Mahurata time typically around 2AM to 2:48 AM before Sunrise( Better check time according your local time). Then we get lord shiva blessings quickly to manifest all desires.

Samundra Manthan or Churning happens which is also called war between Gods and Asuras then Poison was drunk by lord Shiva and after deadly poison Lord Shiva throat got dark blue and felt uncomfortable and to rescue lord Goddess Parvati prayed Rishi Atri to place Moon on the head of Shiva to give him Nector for relief, same night everyone prayed, chant and dance for lord Shiva as devotee then in the morning Lord Shiva said I am really happy to have such a devotee this is the reason we celebrate this night with singing, devotion and chanting to get Shiva blessings.

Workship rituals on Maha Shivratri

Panchakshari Mantra “Namah Shivaya” which can be chanted 108 times in the morning ( East Facing ) and evening ( North Facing ) to increase the effect. Usually it is advised 5 rosary or Mala of 5*105 two times morning and evening, that can be performed by highly spiritual people but its up to person how many chanting can be done.

We should start worship with 5 elements everyday if possible but must be on occasions. These five tattva are essential elements for life and its daily requirements of human being. It is believed that if we offer these to Lord Shiva then it nourishes us.

1. Incense Stick (Vayu Tattwa) : Incense is the Vayu or Airy tatwa which help us to grow in the life or uplift.

2. Lighting a Lamp (Agni Tattwa) : Light lamp in the morning and evening removes darkness and shows us path with clarity.

3. Sandalwood Paste : It is the Prithvi tattwa and offering to gods brings Sustenance and wealth.

4. Food (Jala Tattwa) : We can offer anything which we like to fruits, sweets etc. that will give peace and emotions in our life.

5. Flowers (Akash Tattwa) : It is the most powerful tattwa as it binds us with strong faith, love and attraction.

Fasting is the best way to please Lord Shiva on this day and Chant, dance and Singing throughout night. either we can have Nirjala ( without water and fruits) if our health allows else we can have fasting with water and fruits.


Q : Why Mahashivratri is celebrated?
Ans: We worship lord Shiva on this day and it is considered an auspicious day .

Q : What is Panchakshari Mantra?
Ans: Shivaya Namah .

Q : What is the Shivalinga?
Ans : It is the form of Shiva and People worship with Pouring Water and Milk.

Q : Is Mahashivratri Celebrated full day?
Ans: Yes, day and night till next day Sunrise