Makar Sankranti and It’s Importance in Our Life: 15 January 2023

Makar Sankranti will be celebrated on 15 January 2023 and same time moon will be in Chitra Nakshatra. Lord Sun takes 6 months in transit from Cancer to Sagittarius Zodiac sign, now Sun will transit in Capricorn in Uttrashada nakshatra, onwards God days start for the welfare on the earth, which is good for commencing any good activities, spirituality and knowledge for next 6 months as the Sun is known for wisdom and wealth.

As per Ramayana Shri Lord Ram flew kite on Makar Sakaranti and to forward such convention in many places, people fly kites and in Mahabharata Bhisma Pitamaha we all know and he had boon of euthanasia and he chose “uttarayan” day, Makar Sankranti also known as Uttarayan, if being salvation day you get rid of something if there any wish.

Importance of Makar Sankranti according to Scriptures

On this day, Lord Sun who gives light to the universe goes in the Capricorn Zodiac Sign and meets with his son Lord Saturn, In Sakand Puran there is a story mention that Sun married to Sandya and had three children Yamraj, Yamuna and Vaivatsvat.

 Lord Sun is so bright and fiery and impossible for Sangna to bear it, so used to cover eyes. It was not manageable to be with Sun so Sandya decided to do penance to get rid of burning effects and created herself clone known as Chaya to look all normal as usual and went for a penance in a secretive manner.

Lord Sun had another three children from Chaya “Shani, Manu and Bhadra” and Lord Sun looked at Lord Shani with anger and Scolded, rejected Shani as his Son, because of Lord Shani color was black and blue. Lord Sun said all bad words to him and Shani lord got angered too, and looked to Lord Sun with side eyes (third aspect), caused slowness in Lord Sun chariot and skin issues, the Lord Sun got angered and result of this burned lord Shani house with direct aspect (Aquarius) being sitting in Leo own house.

Later Lord Yamaraj explained all to Lord Sun and after the King “Sun” went to Lord Shani another house Capricorn because Aquarius was burned totally already by Sun fire, till then Lord Shani even realized why did all happen and reason that Lord Sun did not know about me, during this meeting Lord Shani offered Black Sesame. Lord Sun gave boons to Lord Shani that whenever I will come in Capricorn then your house will prosperous, rich and blessed once again.

On this occasion we all eat black sesame laddu or sweet. If we eat and donate as well then our wishes get fulfilled, this is day is full of energy.

Lord Sun enters in Uttrashada nakshatra and deities are “Vishva Devas” the 10 Deva’s those are responsible for welfare of universe, our karma and fulfilling our wishes. On this day the Sun Lord gives us these energies and all available in Cosmos.

“Kratu” means Willpower

“Daksha” mean Skill

“Shravaha” means Attention

“Satya” means Truth

“Kalah” means Time

“Kam” means Desire

“Dhuni” means Determination

“Kuruvan” means Experience

“Prabhavan” means Hope

“Rochman” means Positive Attitude

Makar Sankranti Story

Once upon a time in a village Hari Das with wife and two son used live and his wife Gudhvati was very sincere towards her husband and devotee of all lords. One day Gudhvati died and carried by doots of Yamraj lord. She finally reached at Yamlok and astronished to see Yamlok. After sometime she appeared front of Yamraj lord and found lord is little upset.

She asked that Lord Dharmraj why are you so upset please tell me, Lord explained that you are devotee of all lord and pleased everyone with fasting but not mine. Gudhvati asked for forgiveness and said lord i didn’t know about it so kindly explain me how can i keep fasting and worship you, Lord Dharmraj said on the Makar Sankranti of Uttarayan you should keep fasting, donation and from that day start worshipping me and listen my story, I will ensure you will live happily and prosperous always.

After listening this Gudhvati requested give me life back so that I perform all this on earth. She wake up and narrated all story to family and did exactly which Lord Dharmraj said and pleased him with worship.

How to utilize this day fully or Donation on Makar Sankranti?

We should take holly bath in religious place if possible, secondary donation also extremely good and auspicious, you can donate Sesame, Jaggery, rice and Khichdi. It is said any penance like Meditation and spiritual activity increases fortune in our life’s.