Numerology 5 Analysis

What is the Number 5?

Number 5 is associated with Mercury which moves quickly, People those have influence of this number will be hurry, unstable,traveling lover and quick decision makers and changer. They cannot do same routine job and will get bore if does till longer time, they are very fond of traveling specially international visits.

Convey own views to people easily as common traits of number 5 as excellent communicator, enjoy earning money in short-cuts ways like Share Market, Trading, Gambling etc, engaging in multiple occupation at a time.

Uniqueness of Number 5
  • Intelligent : People are very intelligent and keep thinking on new idea, businesses venture and debates with prompt answers.
  • Problem Solution oriented : Number 5 ruled people are quick thinker and often leads to the solution which is unique, counseling in efficient manner. In a difficult situation come out with problem solving ideas.
  • Brilliant Writers and Columnist : As Mercury rules natural third house Gemini which denotes writing, editing, journals and does very well some of great authors can be from this number 5.
  • Hard Working : Mercury also rules natural 6th house so people are very hard working specially money matters and do more work if get money.

Improvement Areas

  • Cannot focus : These people change frequently, need new work and quite adaptive in new environment. This is the reason they cannot stick to same routine work longer and look for change quickly.
  • Fond of Traveling : These people are very oriented in money making but love to travel and make excess expenditure while traveling.
  • Gambling : Interested in Share market, trading and quick methods for making money but every methods are not always successful and may lead in huge loss. It is advised to take calculated risk.
  • Short tempered : They can be angry and jolly nature in minutes after which make them unpredictable.
  • Relationship issues : Gemini sign rules duality, similar in relationship and often cannot be in similar and cheating issues.
  • Multi Tasking : Number 5 people are multitasker and involved in more than a work at a time but often they can be over confident and lack the clarity of work i.e they can work, meanwhile talking to someone and giving instructions.

Number 5

We all are extremely excited to experience this number. Let’s understand it with the help of Numerology Science, and if add this year in one single digit it comes to number 5 (2+0+2+1 = 5) which is ruled by Mercury.

Traits of Mercury!

Mercury is one of the fastest planet and adaptable for all circumstances. Mercury rules intelligence, communication, business and traveling etc. Mercury has also power to absorb any situation and react with all its significations to improve situations. Its Colour is green and metal associated is Silver.

Do you have influence of Mercury?

Those born on 5th, 14th and 23rd of any month all ruled by Mercury because if we add these two digits ex-: 23rd (2+3=5)

Those have Gemini and Virgo Moon signs or Ascendants (See your Horoscope to know this) all these people also ruled by Mercury.

If your Destiny Number is also number 5 then you also ruled by Mercury.

How to Calculate Destiny Number or some call it Path Number: You need to add your complete date of Birth ex:- if your date of Birth is 3-6-1976 and add up all digits (3+6+1+9+7+6 = 32) again we will add up (3+2=5) hope you got it how to know Destiny number.

Those Complete name add up to 5 these native also governed by Mercury

Let’s calculate the Number from your Name, See the below Chart.

Let’s Assume Someone name is “Aliaa Bhatt” now you need to use and add all respective number correspond to Alphabets.

(1+3+1+1+1) + (2+5+1+4+4) = (7+16) and total count number is 5

One more thing if your total running Age also add up to 5, example if someone currently running or about to enter in his/her 51th year or any year which add together Number 5.  

I hope now you understood al Mercury effects with different method and any of this match so It great for you and just wait for some of special events to arrive in your life that never happened yet, It can give big twinkle feeling in your life.

But I don’t mean to specify for others Number there is nothing, off course it is good for all but little extra for number 5 as we get little bonus along with our usual thing.

Career for Number 5 People

These People can be good for Journalism, Travel and Teaching, bloggers. Most of traders in share markets are from this number as they use application of mind and do thoroughly research before investing.

Accountant, Chartered Accountant, and investment bankers where money and numbers are involved, it suits them a lot as intelligence level required here.

Lucky Dates for 5 Number People

They can think to start any auspicious work on own numbers i.e 5th, 14th and 23rd. They are also compatible with number 6 people and date i.e 6th, 15th and 24th. Apart from it years and age numbers are equally important, i.e 2003, 2021 and 23rd year or 32nd year of person.

Usually there are not compatible with Number 9 which is ruled by Mars and Similar those person has moon sign with Mars ruled zodiac i.e Aries and Scorpio.

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