Numerology is a Number science, you will be amazed to know that each Alphabet shows one number, there are total 9 number (1-9). Just add your date of birth example If someone born on 24th of any month then add both number 2 + 4 = 6 these native ruled by Venus, lets take other example Native born on 19th of any month so 1+9 =10 again we will add number 1 + 0 = 1 and ruled by Number 1 Sun.

1 Number ruled by Sun lord and their inherit qualities are Leadership, Wisdom and Power to rule anywhere and Primarily ex: Government, own Business.

2 Number ruled by Moon and they cannot be at same place for long time as water flows, these people are very artistic and field where lots traveling, they can shine.

3 Number is governed by Largest planet Jupiter which gives us knowledge, wisdom and wealth, So these people have very good knowledge and finest consultant.

4 Number is ruled by Rahu so these can be genius in Technology, Pharmaceuticals and Scientists as they are master in Innovations.

5 Number is ruled fastest planet Mercury, mercury rules the communications, Business, writing and Stock Market. These people fond of traveling.

6 Number is ruled by Venus, all luxury and good feeling, romance comes from Venus whom also we know Goddess Laxmi. These people love eating good foods and wearing gems and cloths.

7 Number is ruled Ketu the planet gives intuition to know future, they cannot stick to same work for long and takes similar qualities of Moon (Number 2), they can be Artist, Musician toe listen their heart and act accordingly.

8 Number is ruled Saturn, the planet of Judgment, Peace and Hard work. These people work in patience and believe in Karma at the end these natives gets what they have done.

9 Number is ruled by Mars, these natives are full of Actions and energy, enthusiasm. Most of these people will be in Sports or connect with such kind activities where something new require always.