Western Planets in Astrology

Know the western planets – Neptune, Pluto and Uranus

Neptune, Pluto and Uranus planets are gravely considered in western astrology, but for understanding we can also use this in our life. It is known as in the form of Venus and Moon in the colour of purple, the god of ocean is Varuna and associated with this as well. Pisces is the watery sign and higher wisdom and Neptune rules Pisces. Oceans are the full of mysteries and Neptune keeps same.

Neptune planet has something beyond of these physics, unknowing secrets, loving, poet, artist, living above all, forgive, dream, illusions and mysteries, it gives tendency to live in self and predict future even if not knowing astrology, if there is a strong connection of Neptune with Ascendant or Moon then can give addiction of anything. It is the amazing planet and can lead to higher form of knowledge, spirituality and sense that makes personality completely eye catching in hundreds.

Neptune placement, sign lord or transit makes person obsessed about that house significations. It cannot be explained in words that is something that requires eternal feeling and imagination. Neptune has own house Pisces and exaltation Cancer, the watery sign and lead to the extremist level in form ex: – Art, luxury and psychiatrist etc.

History of Neptune Planets

we first discovered Neptune on 25th August 1989, this day we saw farthest planet from Sun solar system. Neptune takes 165 years to complete a circle of Sun and it is considered cold planet (ICE GIANT). It is the planet which was discovered earlier by mathematics calculations by scientists. 

Neptune Professions
  • Neptune stays in a Zodiac for 14 Years
  • Directors
  • Spiritual Orator
  • Water related work
  • Wisdom
  • Painting, Arts and Poems
  • Sixth Sense and future prediction

Uranus in Astrology and how should we study it?

Uranus is an unorthodox planet that responsible for change and technology, it is believed Indira and Prajapati are the deities, rules Aquarius sign and exalts in Taurus and Scorpio signs. Inventions, progressive and futuristic approach, Internet, mobile phone, wireless, aerospace and technical gadgets, electric cars etc. all comes in Uranus territory.

Uranus brings challenge and unconventional thinking specially placement in the chart and in transit and makes the person so unique in that area, ex: – If Uranus has connection with 10th house in placement or transit, person will shine uniquely differently although we need to analysis entire chart to come on conclusion.

At the time of writing this post Uranus is in the Aries sign, natural first house which means Health, physical body, immunity, survival and entire world in the search of vaccine for all age group due to covid-19 pandemic and the challenging task is to initiate vaccination to every human and search of this scientific aspect brings Uranus energy.

History of Uranus planet
it is the 7th planet from Sun and takes 84 years to complete a orbit of Sun. Uranus move in tilt motion which makes it completely unique from rest of planets.
Uranus Professions
  • Technology and innovations
  • Electricity
  • Communication
  • Automation engineering
  • Films (visual effects)
  • Sports (Technical analysis by gadgets)
  • Atomic energies
  • Radium, electrons and Iron etc.
  • Satellite equipment’s.
Pluto in Astrology

Pluto takes 250 years to circle all twelve signs and does massive revolution which human never expected ever, Pluto rules Scorpio sign and exalts in Leo sign. It is known as Yama lord and more mysteries planet and it promotes underworld, terrorism, adoption, ransom, death, power, murder and sex etc. It is assumed Yama lord is the wealthiest god and all above domains I mentioned has huge wealth now secretly. Pluto first shakes the person, put in challenges and pain after gives massive success in the form of unrevealed wealth.

The house Pluto placed in horoscope that area keeps changing time by time, ex: – if someone has Pluto in ninth house then person will belong to own religion in childhood, later believes in other religion. Pluto vibration is so hard that never let the calm and peaceful, it demands always something to transform.

At the time of writing post Pluto is in Capricorn sign which shows profession, politics and society, many changes in these area can be noticed.

How to use of these outer planets energy?

Change is the need of life and planets in the form of god brings it, if we look in the past and era of technology we have noticed since that, it is massive revolution. Now we all are dependent on it and we cannot stop all these changes but to go with and accept this to see new beginnings in human life.

No change then country will remain trapped in same repetitive routine. The energy of Outer planets Neptune, Uranus and Pluto open paths for us and make it possible to happen. Although in Vedic astrology we have not used it much but western astrologers use it regulars to know the energy pattern of person.

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