Rahu in the Rohini Nakshatra | Ketu in Jyeshta nakshatra

Rohini Nakshatra

Rohini is the 4th nakshatra and Brahma is the preceding deity of this and Moon is the ruler of this Nakshatra. Rohini nakshatra is known for creations, growth and expansions in large extent, the purpose is to create and build. Wherever this Nakshatra is falling in the chart or Taurus sign regardless any planet is sitting or not, native will create plenty of things in that house significations. ex:- If Taurus is in the 4th house then person can have multiple cars and properties, will desire to get more it.

Rohini is the most fertile among all constellations and according to mythology it is Prajapati or Brahma is going to follow Deer, it is the reason this Nakshatra in passion to create. Native in this like to grow and shine always and does regular exercise to maintain themselves. Tree associated with this constellation is Java Plum (Jamun) so one can eat to increase effect of this although beneficial in anti-diabetics. There is another interesting story when “Dashrath” Rama Lord father got panic when their Kingdom Astrologers visited to him that Saturn is transiting in Rohini Nakshatra so all Harvesting would come up to half, later King Dashrath visited to Lord Saturn and pleased him with Shani Krit Stotra and after Shani dev promised to not enter in Rohini Nakshatra and directly moved to Next Mrigshira Consetellation. 

Rohini Native professions
  • Witters, authors and Poet
  • Movie and Television industries
  • Producers 
  • Sports
  • Business Man 
Astrology aspect of Farmers Protest movement in India

Farmers protest initially was started in 9th August 2020 and till the date of this post going on, Rohini nakshatra symbol is ox-cart and also it is connected with earth. Farmers use ox-cart to raise crop field and to carry seeds as well, this asterism is connected with trade, goods, wealth and prosperity.

Rahu lord was about to enter in Taurus Sign and known as Earth sign, Rahu lord has enmity toward Sun lord, the government to reject all farmers related protest, laws and policies. Rahu lord is all about change and stubborn and focused attitude, it is the primary issue that both government and Farmers against each other with no resolution inspite of many efforts.

Rahu lord transit in Rohini nakshatra and its effect

Rahu lord has already transited in Rohini on 27th January 2021 and afterward will transit in Krittika nakshatra on 5th October 2021. Rahu Lord gives the result if conjoining with any planet, lordship of that house and nakshatra. Person can focus on materialistic, wealth and accumulation as Taurus is the natural second house and primarily 2nd house signification will be focused.

During this transit a lot of changes and up’s down can be seen in family matters, Banking sector, financial terms and creativity intiative. Rahu lord transit helps us learning and growth in that area with unique practices and person should be open minded and ready to change, if someone still focused then glory ahead surely because that the prime purpose of Rahu lord.

The position of Rahu lord in the natal chart or in Transit shows change, karmic debts and focused area, these nodes are karmic planets and put everyone to the karma that is balanced since past life’s.

Ketu Lord Transit in the Jyeshta nakshatra and its effect

Ketu lord transited in Jyeshta nakshatra in September 2019 but moved in Pada 2 now, Jyeshta nakshatra is ruled by Mercury and deity is Indira who rules power, throne, authority and currently Navamsha (D9) position is in Aquarius zodiac sign and this sign shows social reforms and helping needy ones. Scorpio is a transformational sign along with Spirituality. Ketu lord is co-ruler of the Scorpio sign along with Mars. Jyeshta nakshatra shows delays unless move towards spirituality because that shows true wisdom.

Effects on all ascendants after transit

We should look transit result from Moon Lagna and natal Ascendant both, in my view from Natal Ascendant we put physical actions and from Moon Lagna things will come to us mentally.

Aries/Libra:  Transits have occurred in 2/8 axis or vice-versa, so money, family, fame, speech, sudden events and inherent related changes can be seen in native life.

Taurus/Scorpio: Transits have occurred in 1/7 axis or vice-versa and personality, new beginning, confidence, public relation, private organs, business and marriage related events can be seen.

Gemini/Sagittarius: Transits have occurred in 12/6 axis or vice-versa, so sleeping, marriage, foreign, investment, disease, job, enemy, wealth related events can occur.

Cancer/Capricorn: 11/5 axis or vice-versa forming here, so desire fulfilling, gains, group engagement, friends, past deeds popups, children, speculation, mantra etc.

Leo/Aquarius: Transits have occurred in 10/4 axis or vice-versa Career, profession, name and fame, money, status, peace of mind, property, mother, throne and Marriage.

Virgo/Pisces: Transit have occurred 2/8 axis or visa-versa religion believe, teacher, long travel, legal bondage, higher study, father, younger siblings, courage, writing, in-laws and new job.

Note: Here I have mentioned primarily events as per the houses, that can occur but total chart needs to be judged and house lord placement, nashaktra, conjunction, Navamsha placement and aspect so different view and result can be expected after all this. We should not directly jump to conclusions.

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