Rahu transit in the Krittika Nakshatra

Rahu in Krittika Nakshatra

Rahu Lord in Krittika Nakshatra, this would have effects of two zodiac signs Taurus and Aries. Three Pada’s of Krittika Nakshatra in Taurus sign and one is in Aries so either Rahu Lord will be in Taurus or Aries signs depending on residing nakshatras lord.

Krittika Nakshatra Traits

The Star of fire : Krittika Nakshatra is the cutting one which has the symbol of a knife and all razors, trimmers, and sharp objects connected with this either to destroy or creation, primarily linked with power, name, fame, authority, success, reputation, ambition, wealth, fire rituals as Sun is the lord of this Nakshatra and Agni Dev and Kartikeya who is also known as warrior of gods are the Deity.

Krittika Nakshatra natives are disciplined ones and love to have honest company and speak truth, manipulation is not the cup of these people. If they have a prominent or Benefic planet in it then they will have sattvic life and help others a lot because the Moon lord gets exalted in this constellation, if there is something against the moral values so straight away speak up on that and expert in talking to express their views even others like and dislike.

These people are known for their beauty because the deity Kartikeya is very handsome and has attractive eyes, if good planets placed here then natives would have such qualities prominently. Their life is social media means they cannot hide anything and they keep telling to the world about upcoming activities as the ruler is Sun which gives light and is visible to all.

Many profound Astrologers believe Rahu exaltes in this Nakshatra so it’s a really good time coming up for those looking for power and authority etc. This time Rahu lord will amplify your desire to attain success and power so that you can align with other social work but totally depends on personal charts and planets position, this is the period when you can cut all nonrelevant matters and focus on your ambitions and wealth if your horoscope reveals same.

Area of Opportunities in this transit

Rahu lord makes things big and gives courage and power to accomplish all things in mind if focused regardless of hurdles, I already discussed above each horoscope is unique in its own way, and which ever house Taurus and Aries zodiac are in the chart, primarily that house will bring success and new chances.

Rahu lord always wants more inspite of having enough, may be after getting success, materialistic power person might be arrogant and feel excessive pride instead of humble as Sun lord rules this Nakshatra. Other side Ketu lord in anuradha Nakshatra which is ruled Saturn lord which teaches us be in limit and show humble for everything you have else it can be taken away quickly so its battle between arrogant and humble attitude.

If Rahu lord in Taurus sign and even in Sun lord Nakshatra ( Krittika), it is a must to see Venus and Sun lord’s placement in the birth chart and transit Navamsa also. Each chart reveals something else and we should not reach on conclusion directly without looking full chart, but many changes can be expected because nodes bring us out of our monotonous routine and put new karma in front of us.

Remedies that can be done in this transit

I have to believe in Vedic remedies and they can be done by everyone. Those have prominent planets in Krittika Nakshatra or not, it does not matter much because constellations always work even if no planets are there. 

  • Have Sattvic food and distribute if possible.
  • It is Sun-ruled Nakshatra so honor Sun with arghya.
  • Respect elders and Father.
  • Help the needy People
  • Avoid bad Karma
General Predictions for All Ascendant and Moon Signs

Aries / Libra Ascendant or Aries / Libra Moon : Financially its good time because Rahu lord is exalted in second house and you will eager to earn more or expansion in your profession but you should see Venus and Sun lords position in your chart and in regular transits as well. Be disciplined in your food habits else it can lead to health issue specially stomach. There can be chance to put money in speculation like lottery, shares and gambling so be cautious while involving in it.

You may feel spirituality aligned much and learning occult subjects, provident funds, insurance and inheritance matters might trigger.

Taurus / Scorpio Ascendant or Taurus / Scorpio Moon Sign

Taurus native rahu lord is in first house, either show off power, authority and working towards it. Ketu lord in seventh house in the case of Taurus so cut of from public life to transform or fulfilment of your desires. If married then make the balance life between work and professional life.

So you can expect first house which are health, self confidence, name and seventh house which are business, public life, home pleasure, and relationship matters can come up during this transit.

Gemini / Sagittarius Ascendant or Gemini / Sagittarius Moon Sign :

Probably for these natives twelfth and Sixth house matters can be seen, as Gemini Ascendant Rahu lord is in 12th house and Sagittarius Ascendant rahu lord is in 6th, which can be job, manufacturing, health improvement, loans, winning over enemy, dispute. Twelfth house matters are Foreign, hospitalized, import and export, Investment, NGO, working in isolation etc.

Cancer / Capricorn Ascendant or Cancer / Capricorn Moon Sign :

These natives may have 11th and 5th house matters in this transit. fifth house matters are love affairs, children, education, power, internal health issue, speculations, sudden win, Astrology, mantras recitation etc. 11th houses are socialization, Friendship, Big circle and organization, humanity work, regular income, future projects, elder brother etc.

Leo / Aquarius Ascendant or Leo / Aquarius Moon Sign :

You can experience prominent Fourth and Tenth house matters. fouth house shows your family happiness, pleasure, home, mother, wife, throne, comfort, luxury etc. and Tenth house shows your Career, social values, prestige and father wealth source, country affairs etc.

Virgo / Pieces Ascendant or Virgo / Pisces Moon :

Rahu lord is in thirds house for Pisces natives which shows younger siblings, short journeys, communication, media, internet, gadgets, reforms in life, courage and preaching etc. Rahu lord will be in ninth house for Virgo natives which shows higher education, foreign study, long journey, pilgrimage, fortune, marriage rituals, father, teacher, mentors, Astrology etc.

Conclusion : I have written house significations above and all can come either good or other ways based on an individual chart because there are more than billions of people out there and each one of them would have similar transit but results can be vary due to multiple factors and planet placements in the own horoscope.

You should see houses and Nakshatra lords and their Navamsa positions, Dashas Currently running, and astakvarga points in the horoscope after we should come to a decision on transit results.