Retrograde Planets in Astrology

Understanding Retrograde Planets or Vakri Graha

Astronomically planets move around the Sun lord in the same direction, when planets moved far ahead from Sun lord, then appears to be behind but logically they are moving in motion.

Retrograde planet becomes extremely powerful in giving result according to their house lordships and signification in the chart, that planet can swing in any way to provide result. That’s the reason no one can judge result of retrograde planet easily but only Jupiter, Saturn, Venus, Mercury and Mars lords can be retrograde from direct motion and Sun and Moon lords never get retrograde.

Moon and Sun lords always move in direct motion and cannot be retrograde ever and Rahu and Ketu lords move in retrograde motion and can’t be direct.

Three motions of planets and Guna’s of Divine mother

Direct planets: -When planets transit near to the Sun lord and also known as Rajas guna. Direct planet has lot to do in act physically to achieve things.

Retrograde planets: – When planets transit ex: – 6th, 7th and 8th from Sun lord it becomes retrograde and also known as Tamas guna. Retrograde planet has very strong desire to achieve things and then act accordingly.

Stationary planets: – After retrograde, planet becomes stationary or not moving anymore that known as Satvic guna. Stationary planet gives stable consciousness level to define what needs to be done in calm manner.

Note: – We should not direct jump to the conclusion for results, it is completely based what is the promise of particular planet in the horoscope.

Misconception about Retrograde planets

Count from the previous sign and take aspect from there, logically It is already mentioned above, it does not come back but looks like it is, it is moving straight, so we should take where planet is sitting in the chart. Planet behaves as it is sitting in opposite house, logically retrograde planet has strong desires to do things and same applicable where it aspects as planets have 7th aspects.

Planets result in retrograde motion

It is already discussed above that retrograde planet is very powerful and has capacity to give results beyond the limit compare to direct planets in the chart and now we will discuss different retrograde planets.

But Many researchers believe that retrograde planets give result of opposite house or Seventh aspect ex:- If any planet is sitting in 11th house being retrograde then native will get prominent results of 5th House.

  • Mercury Lord retrograde: When mercury lord is retrograde then that person has extremely sharp mind, excel in education and will use intelligence in every situation. People will be unique in speech, linguistic, talents matter. Mostly Mercury gets combusted by Sun but it is exception if retrograde then there will be not much effect of combustion.
  • Mars Lord retrograde: When Mars lord is retrograde then person has extra courage, properties and lands. These people always look for such things in their life because they are limit less in this matter. These people will have multiple properties, land etc. either by own efforts or ancestors.
  • Venus Lord retrograde: When Venus lord is retrograde then person will indulge much in luxury, traveling and relationship.
  • Jupiter Lord retrograde: When Jupiter lord is retrograde then person is very lucky and wealthy. Native does not need to put extra efforts in anything and things will flow to them easily. People become very religious, charitable and follow all this strictly.
  • Saturn Lord retrograde: When Saturn lord is retrograde then person is hard working. Saturn lord makes person working hard attitude and gives result afterward but in retrograde native gets result immediately if there is a good deed and enough labor.

When benefic planets become retrograde, it gives double effect in positive way and malefic gives lots of hard work and after it native gets result. Retrograde planets have pending karma from past life, clue point can be where these planets placed in the chart and soul has got a chance to pay off all debts in this life time.

Let’s understand with one of the example (Shah rukh Khan Horoscope)

Shah rukh khan is one who does not need an introduction and he is known as King of Bollywood, in his chart Jupiter lord is retrograde and placed in 11th house of desire fulfillment and big financial gains. Jupiter lord is placed in 11th house and gives extreme desire to earn money and aspects 5th house, the house of creativity and 7th house, the house of business. Beneficial planet is retrograde so opportunity comes to him easily.

Retrograde planet placement and aspect gives fire desire internally and person wants to make it into reality at any cost, this is the actual power of it and completing past pending karma the house placement in the chart.