Saturn Aspects In Natal Chart Analysis

Saturn aspects in the natal chart of the native play a crucial role in destiny and life pattern, as we know Saturn has three aspects and all will be in detail further. Bhrigu Nandi Nadi reveals that Saturn is the Profession giver planet and also a wealth earning from your profession because Saturn owns natural Capricorn and Aquarius signs.

But Prashari Jyotish believes that Mercury, Sun, and Jupiter are the important planets for profession so these are the differences between Bhrigu Nandi Nadi and Prashari Astrology.

What Is Saturn in Astrology

Saturn is the Judge, or account manager of your life which keeps writing an account book of your karma ( Deeds) and you have got current life because of past life karmas, Saturn decides the lifestyle of native I.e family prosperity, father, social status.

Saturn is the tough teacher and Unbiased planet, do good get good, and perform non-sense get the worst simple rule of Saturn. If this planet is strong in the horoscope then native may reach too high in life materialistically and spiritually.

Saturn Wealth Combination

There are various Saturn placements that can give wealth and we will discuss them in detail now. Saturn demands hard work and fructify life later regardless of what is the birth chart and family status but assures wealth.

Saturn Lord placement in 2,5,8,11houses creates wealth and circumstances and you can earn from the Share Market, inherited, treasure, etc.

How does it create yoga of wealth? Well, Saturn has a special aspect known as the 10th Aspect, technique is that wherever Saturn aspect 10 from natal placement or 10 houses away, it combines both houses. Above ex:- Saturn placed in the fifth house and respecting on 2nd house from 10th house then it will conjoin both 2nd and 5th house and form Raj yoga if other planetary combination is supportive in the natal chart.

Also Saturn placed in 2nd house and 10th aspect will be on 11th house, it combines second and eleventh so it is one of the great Raj yoga with both money houses.

Saturn placement and its 10th aspect combine both houses energy and if both houses are good then it forms a wealthy life. Mostly You will find people related to finance, Banking, CA profession if you have Saturn placed 2,5,8,11 houses.

Saturn is deeds oriented planet and watches on native karma if person deeds are good then Saturn would harm less and vice-versa. Now we will discuss Saturn special aspects 3,7,10.

Saturn 10th Aspect Meaning

Saturn 10th aspect nullifies the effects of the house or gives trouble to that house but increase non-tangible things like cash, property, car etc but slow down family, relationship, and other happy feelings.

  • 10th aspect is the powerful aspect, but it creates trouble and harm native being a malefic natural tendency. Lets discuss Super star Amitabh Bachchan Horoscope, He has Saturn placed in fourth house and 10th aspect on Ascendant, he was in trouble health as the first house is all about your body and went to the hospital, along with he also got name, fame, money after the trouble of health.
  • 7th aspect of Saturn is the restrictive aspect and what Saturn wants us to do in life. Usually, we do mistakes in 7th aspect of Saturn and we should improve our behaviors here and this is the lesson Saturn teaches us. You can also look in your chart and examine how do you mistakes there. Ex:- If Saturn is placed in 8th house then the native will do mistakes or cheat in money, family matters as aspecting 2nd house.
  • 3rd aspect of Saturn is the progressive aspect and it keeps you active to complete deeds because Saturn restricts things and you become frustrated there to not getting the desired result but still never lose effort and keep trying because Saturn lord wants it from you.

Famous Quote Of Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam

Dream is not which you see while sleeping, but It does not let you sleep for your dreams

This Quote is perfectly cover Saturn 3rd aspect meaning.

One rule is that Saturn 10th Aspect only works in Dasha or it’s anterdasha.

How to improve Saturn in Astrology

Organized, Decisive, Hard working, clear picture of plans, control of speech, and valued sentences speaking short but explaining everything in that line that shows excellent Saturn in your chart, This planet has nature to trouble you but also progress if deeds are performed.