Saturn in Aquarius Sign 2023

Saturn entered into the Aquarius sign on 17th January 2023 and it’s a long event for World as Saturn will be here for 2 and half years without retrograde in the Capricorn sign. Saturn in Aquarius sign makes Saturn sits here comfortably.

Aquarius Sign Characteristics

Aquarius is an innovative sign, Cancer sign has connection with it, the planet placed in Aquarius behaves as Cancer zodiac sign Or vice versa. The natural tendency when a prominent planet is placed in Aquarius  you would like to do things on automation or by someone rather by self doing, Artificial Intelligence is the example of it where you like to do tasks automatically.

This is one of the interesting facts, if any planet sitting in the Aquarius sign you will do that planet significance work in your life ex- If Rahu is placed in your natal then you would Rahu related work Photography, Director, Medicines, Occult etc throughout life. You will have to see jealousy there from others.

In the Aquarius sign you will have to donate things, or by nature you will become philanthropic and you will regret it if expected in return because you have to give and will not get back anything.

Saturn entered in Aquarius on 17th January 2023
Retrograde : 17th June to 4th November 2023
Shatabhisha Nakshatra: 22 November 2023 (Saturn in Aquarius retrograde)

We are going through a very powerful time now since 2021, the great conjunction occurred of seven planets that happened after 400 years, and to proceed same energy, it would like as it was at the beginning of the 13th century. Saturn transit would affect globally and individually both.

Powerful Transits To Come

Besides Saturn, there are also major transits are taking place in the same year. Jupiter one of the giant planet is changing sign in Aries nearly in March 2023, Rahu and Ketu will also change their constellation but will remain in Aries so the effect of Jupiter and Rahu conjunction in this year.

Saturn In Aquarius Globally Effect

Although Saturn is in own house and placed in the natural eleventh house but will be still in Dhanishta Nakshatra till November and Mars rules it, there are chances of fighting in globe because of two different energies are meeting.

Dhanishta is the star of wealth, treasure and land, etc and we can surely expect something related to finance, federal policy and central banks. Saturn direct third aspect on Aries sign which signifies Eastern side and it could little challenging situation for these countries.

Mars and Saturn will come opposite to each other from June to August, these two planets never go along with each other, and we can experience some events related to fire, government and common people issues, wars, water storage, and stomach issues.

Mars will be in Leo and Saturn in Aquarius Sign. China Country is already badly affected by Coronavirus and might face declining population growth and high death rates.

Saturn In Aquarius General Effect

Saturn is the planet of maturity, Searousness, justice, and extreme hard work. Saturn loves to make you try try try and after reward situations. It’s natural 10th Lord in the 11th house Aquarius, people will be more focused on work and income sources.

Saturn metal is Iron, and similarly Saturn wants us to be like while working, putting us into pressure like iron man and key point is that constant efforts genuinely rather looking shortcuts. Saturn exalts in the Libra sign which denotes quality dealing, business and excellent products so motive is only to attain supreme quality whichever profession you are.

Aquarius sign is known for magical energy, occultism, Astrology, Space, Technology, and Artificial Intelligence. It can be seen new research in such areas and surely people would attract to these suddenly, especially by 2025. Whenever Saturn changes a sign probably after two and half years then it is a shift of new karma and opens the door.

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Simple Technique to Judge Transit Effect

I’ll share one technique that how can you analyze the result of Saturn transit in Aquarius for your own horoscope and major events result. Please follow these rules.

  • Identify the Aquarius sign planet and the house it is placed in your horoscope.
  • Look at the Trine houses (5,9) from the Aquarius sign
  • That planets and house significations would come into play most in this transit.

Example:- Only for learning purposes

In this chart example:- Saturn is in the Aquarius sign ninth house, and trine houses are Leo where Venus is placed, and Libra where Sun and Mercury are placed. Native can experience Venus’s significance events like Marriage, Money, and Authority power and another house Sun, Mercury signification like business, name & fame, entertainment, and speculation.

Trine (1, 5,9) houses are very crucial for any transit result and planets placed there.

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Remedies to be done

  • Feed the Crow
  • Feed the Ants
  • Aquarius is the Shiva energy so worship Shiva and offer incense everyday or Saturday
  • Chant “OM Namah Shivaya”
  • Pray to Goddess Kali
  • Saturn is the Justice so follow and do the right things
  • Do breathing exercises ( Prayanam)