Shatabhisha Nakshatra | Saturn Transit in Aquarius Sign

Shatabhisha Nakshatra

This Nakshatra has various names like Shatataraka ”Shata means 100 and taraka means Stars”, Shatabhisja, Varuna, Apnapati, Jalapati. In Rig veda Varuna is said to be lord of Rain water as Varuna is Lord of this Nakashatra and it is called upward nakshatra so anything related to sky and astronomy etc. One of the fact this also known as Panchak Nakshatra means “four and half Starts i.e Dhanishta Pada 3 and 4, Shatabhishak, PurvaBhadra, Uttarabhadra and Revati Nakshatras as all comes under “Akash” eternal element and Vishnu Lord rules it.

Symbolism is 100 Lotus Flowers and Empty Circle, it has mystical healing power and flowing water as Aquarius Zodiac depicts a man with flowing water that water is believed from Milkyway galaxy for people welfare.100 eyes for continuous watching the people activities and connected with salt or sea water for cleansing.

All these deities Varuna, Yama and Aryaman including Saturn who is the lord of Aquarius sign are strict for rules and regulation, Justice, Moral law, cosmic reservations else punishments are given, this Nakshatra is Dharma gunas so purpose of this constellation to follow and establish righteous activities. Varuna and Mirta both have close friendship because Uravashi and very common those have prominent planets in this constellation fall in love triangle because as per story both Varuna and Mitra fell in love with Uravashi.

Varuna the Sea God

  • God of Ocean: – Cosmological Ocean
  • Vehicle: Crocodile
  • Weapon: – Pasha (Rope)
  • Guardian Deity of Western Direction
  • Father: Kashyapa, Mother: Aditi, Son: Vashishtha
  • Guardian of Law
Healing practices for native
  • Walking around Sea :- If Person is suffering from serious disease then should visit to sea and live for 2-3 months and suddenly mind soothes and recovery from all tensions.
  • Float in the water or Scuba Diving.
  • Ocean water has mysterious healing level and can cure all diseases.
  • Breathing Exercises
  • Give up arrogance
  • Taking care all cosmic rules ex: – Trees, water saving, Environment clean etc.    
Kadamba Tree Benefits

Kadamba Tree is associated with Shatabhisha Nakshatra and has various importance.

  • Medical Benefits: Low the Blood Sugar, Heal Wounds, Reduce Pain and Inflammation, antibacterial, antifungal, Prevent Constipation, Protect Liver and Weight loss.
  • Timber and Paper
  • Plywood, Pulp, Paper and Boxes
  • Leaves Decomposition: Increase Soil Carbon
Native Personalities

Aquarius sign is the Shiva Power and completely controls over it, interestingly we celebrate MahaShivaratri when Sun Lord transit in Aquarius Sign in this constellation. 

Those have prominent Shatabhisha Nakshatra these people are known to be lived in Circle calmly and free from all disasters and evil things as Varuna Protects them, even if they find such kind people around will move away from them to be in peace and healthy atmosphere as cannot tolerate Toxic behaviours regardless how powerful and influential they are. As eleventh house shows groups and social reforms these native would do such things compassionately ex: – Charity, Green Environment and giving directions to under privileged people.

  • Shatabhisha Pada 3 is known to be Vargottama which is powerful itself, these natives are famous for Vows or Commitment and doing tough Penance, although this is very difficult to handle because of Aquarius Navamsha as Past karma takes place and actions to fulfil past pending works but dedicated on it. Usually this native addicted to habit easily and takes time to quit those or never often, try to escape from present condition but cannot as lives in cosmic circle which is the symbol of this constellation.
  • Shatabhisha Pada 1 this is in Jupiter Navamsa and focused on long planning, Spirituality and Wisdom for people structured lifestyle.
  • Shatabhisha Pada 2 this is Capricorn Navamsa and ruled by Saturn, considered workaholic and wealth focused Pada, these People often get much work and involved overall which can lead health and mental issues.
  • Shatabhisha Pada 4 this is again ruled by Jupiter in Namavsa and Yog Tara degree, seems to be fortunate if planet placed here good ex: – Jupiter, Venus, Moon and can give massive wealth and Power.
Shatabhisha Remedies

It’s the constellation of 100 Physicians or start so number connected 100, native should donate 100 or 108 things ex: – Fruits, Shoes, Blanket anything in 100 or 108 numbers which makes you comfortable.

  • Chant the 108 names of Shiva, Vishnu or Goddess.
  • This is the natural 11th House which denotes large group so work in group if possible with 100 or more people.
  • Chant Varuna Gayatri Mantra, you can easily find out on YouTube.
  • Saturn and Rahu both are darker planets so chanting Shiva Mantra in the night.
Saturn Transit in Aquarius
Saturn is transiting in Aquarius sign and will remain here for 2 and half years, Saturn transit is considered important and person can see big changes depending on Ascendants. This is the spiritual sign and Shiva energy is here and Person can join spiritual journey and changing self or society people for their welfare. Its natural eleventh house which fulfil desires and if native is working hard for long on any project then it is the chance to get success.

Saturn will transit on 29th April 2022 in Aquarius and retrograde on 4th June 2022 and come back again in Capricorn sign on 12th June till 17th January 2023 and after move again in Aquarius sign. Saturn gives progressive result in this sign as it is considered home sign for Lord Saturn and positive result can be seen. We can notice some air or cyclone related issues as it is an airy sign but overall it is good transit for economic and Stock markets, people may involve lot in Speculation and investment.

I discussed already that transit will be different for everyone because of their horoscope, planetary placements, Dasha and D-9, Ashtakvarga and most important moon sign as it effects mentally. After considering all factors results can be seen but Saturn gives us karma and after we get success. One of the fact of Aquarius that Person earns wealth and huge monetary gains in life because they are destined to do good for others and providing them source of income ex:- A person is rich and opens a company but needs to hire employee which can give profit to the person and Job to others so ideally doing something for World and Society.

Saturn Transit for all Ascendents

Where ever Saturn placed in your chart or in Transit it requires lots of dedication and hard work in that area for ex:- if Saturn placed in 9th house then person would need to do lots of hard work in religion, higher study, father and all other 9th house significations, not interested to listen about religion and righteousness as a person thinks that know all about and don’t require to advise there.

Here I’ll be predicting the result of different Ascendants and also Moon Sign because Ascendant affects you physically and Moon sign mentally. You should look transit effect from Asc, Moon Sign and Arudha lagna.

Aquarius Ascendant :- When Saturn comes in Asc or Lagna it will give you new Job/Duty,  Person will focus on health and may attain fighting attitude. You are not going to listen anyone as stubborn person, also in your chart wherever Saturn placed that area you will not believe other people ideas.

Capricorn Ascendant :- Saturn transit in second house, you will be focused on money and should care of family members, as from last couple of years you had struggle in earning so now you may get opportunity to earn money.

Saggitarius Ascendant:- Whenever Saturn transit in third house, during this time you would have little tough time in profession and marriage, slow to get opportunities and may like to travel different places.

Scorpio Ascendant:- It is transiting in your fourth house, may leave the home to settle somewhere. you need to leave comfort zone then success will come.

Libra Ascendant:- Saturn transit in 5th,9th and 1st house makes stubborn, these are the people aggressive and stubborn. It is transiting in 5th house for Libra Asc and new learning and entertainment.

Virgo Ascendant:- Its connected with rules, regulation, job, decipline and buy shoes etc. Saturn will demand hardwork and rules.

Leo Ascendant:- You will grown in business and Saturn is transiting in seventh house of business and you will think of money.

Cancer Ascendant:- One thing is sure that native business/Job will change and transformation is expected, because Saturn will force to you to do new things depending on natal chart position.

Gemini Ascendant:- It will transit in ninth house, these people would have issue with bosses, mother and will start readings. Saturn makes sure you learn new things and try to read books daily or weekly.

Taurus Ascendant:- Its the top mountain of the chart and you are already on top and your known will escape from you or stand alone because you are focused on goal and vision. Saturn will force to work hard to achieve greatness.

Aries Ascendant:- Its a really good transit for Aries people as Saturn is transiting naturally to gain house and own sign. You wish to get new position, power all will come true so just wait until Saturn enters back in Aquarius.

Pisces Ascendant:- Final house of Zodiac, It will create expenses, hospital, and litigation. It is advisable to donate because this is the house of giving, foreign settlement, travel, and liberation.