Solar Eclipse on 25th October 2022

The first eclipse of this year occurred on 30th April 2022 in Aries sign.  This was seen in South and North America regions as Sun transits with Rahu and another Solar eclipse is going to occur on October 25th Tuesday at 16:49 till 18:06 IST  of this year when Sun will transit in Libra Swati Pada 1 constellation with Ketu and this is the partial eclipse, visible in Europe south east, North East region, South West Asia, Atlantic Asia.

Does Solar eclipse make any difference?

It is believed by Astrologers that eclipse affects us mentally and Solar eclipse to a large extent because Sun is our soul, as we know Sun lord transits in a zodiac for a month and takes 12 months for entire signs (Aries to Pisces).

When Sun lord transits with nodes either Rahu or Ketu lords that are known as a Solar eclipse, so we can see two solar eclipses in a year respectively with Rahu and Ketu.

What causes a solar eclipse?

It is a natural phenomenon when Moon comes between the earth and Sun, causing a shadow on a certain part of the earth. At that time Moon seems to appear as its dark shadow which is known as Solar Eclipse.

Moon is very smaller compare with Sun so blocks only shadow in a small area and makes it hidden in some countries only where the Moon shadow falls ( See the diagram above for a clear understanding).

Three Major Parts during a Solar Eclipse.

Solar Eclipse Types

  • UMBRA (Total) : It is the portion of moon shadow where moon completely covers the Sun and known as the total Solar eclipse that causes Sun hidden for some time and looks like a darker night in day.
  • ANTUMBRA (Annular) : It is known as annual Solar eclipse when Moon is front of Sun and covers it completely but still outer shadow of Sun can be seen in the area where eclipse is occurring.
  • PENUMBRA (Partial) : It is known as Partial Solar eclipse where Moon covers a portion of Sun and some portion is visible in the sky.

Important: No one should attempt to see Eclipse with bare eyes and if required to see then use certified eclipse glasses under special supervision else eyes might get effected.

Myths on Solar eclipse

People have believe in their mind that Solar eclipse effects us only when it is occurring in their geographic locations and doesn’t when not visible in their locations, but it is not true as it impacts the earth even if it is partially visible. As per Astrologer if does impact each one on the earth at the soul level but if visible in the location then more and half of the percentage is not visible at the location.
This eclipse will take place in South America region and the Pacific ocean, we can see the impact of this Solar eclipse in these countries and for knowledge, it is a partial eclipse and will remain for around 4 hours.

Nakshatra Detail of eclipse

This Solar eclipse will occur in Swati Nakshatra 7 Degree Libra Zodiac which is ruled by Rahu Lord and deity is Goddess Saraswati. There are chances of change in weather or cold season, tourism, hotel, medical, agriculture, agro products, finance, IT Industries, animals, aviation, Dairy products or luxuries professions so some minor or major changes might happen because of karmas in the past.

Those people are involved in above in mentioned industries, they might face rise or trouble after or before eclipse depending on person own natal horoscope. If Native has any Planet in Swati Nakshatra, Moon Sign or Libra Lagna then eclipse may bring some changes in the life.

As per scientific research it is common pattern in astronomy so no need to worry but Astrologer believe that every eclipse gives us change and transformation if it is in good position ex:- 11th, 1st and 5th, as per research people got power and new responsibility as eclipse occurs because of involvement with Rahu and ketu.

Is solar eclipse harmful??

As it is the partial eclipse and it will effect in same partially way, but astrologically it would effect those running in Rahu, Sun, Venus Maha or Antar Dasha, even if People have Swati Nakshatra Moon sign then it could be little mental stress.

Eclipse effects can start before and after the occurring, so focus on health issues and get it checked in case of attention. it can last longer till 90 days. We should avoid auspicious work during eclipse and focus on divine and spiritual activities so that it can heal our soul from mental disturbance.

How to reduce Solar eclipse effects?

12 hours before Solar eclipse, it is the specific time known as Sutak Kal and we should refrain from doing any auspicious activities, eating, financial planning etc. During the Eclipse time one should do Mantra chanting and meditation. Following things can be listen or chanted that time.

  • OM Namah Shivaya
  • OM Hrim Surya Namha
  • Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare, Hare Ram Hare Ram Ram Ram Hare Hare
  • Listen Vishnu Sahasranamam

Become devotee of god and ask for protection and blessings to save from evil effects during this eclipse regardless it is occurring in your location or not.