Success and Peace in the Life by changing attitude

Changing Personnel attitude

We all aspire for success, peace of mind, happy relationship and wealth in the life, but somehow feel no existence of these. We often rush to an astrologer to smooth all these matters and get remedies.

Anyone has ever attempted to know real cause of these tensions in our life and remedies like gemstones, worships etc. are the secondary one, the first one is to change our behavior toward other’s people because god is inside of all being on the earth.

Here there are some behaviors or attitude that can really nullify all blemishing effect in the life, one of the best ways to improve all 9 planets in the horoscope regardless whatever their placement.

Strengthen all 9 planets in the horoscope

Sun: Sun lord is the king and has control on others planets in the chart as well, it is must for all of us to obey Sun lord to get wealth, name and fame, power and authority. Sun lord rules Father, government, self-pride, dignity, wisdom, truth, it is mandatory all of us that we respect and obey all its signification by heart. We should respect our father specially and Sun rises and set on time so punctuality is utterly important, Sun gives rays to all without discrimination so follow such things with no ego.

We can also improve our relationship with Mantras and donation of the Sun ex:- Sun lord is the natural ruler of Leo, and if it is placed in 5th house then we try to be satvic, remain nice with your children or kids and do worship.

Moon: Moon lord is the emotion, nurturing and these are the traits of mother, that’s why Moon lord rules natural fourth house “a home” where we all can have peaceful sleep and rest. Moon lord rules Mother, mind, emotion, food, water, milk, etc. We should primarily respect mothers including other’s people, never waste water, food specially as moon lord gets exalted in natural second house, Taurus the house of food. If we obey all its significations, then definitely we can improve moon in our chart.

Donation of food specially (vegetarian), milk to needy people, looking full moon and giving peace to everyone. Chanting Vedic mantra of moon can help a lot.

Mars: Mars lord is the significator of third house and that denotes siblings, we should always keep happy relations with them else, it will create problems. Mars lord rules police, military, traffic rules and we should obey and respect such areas. If we go to gym or involve in physical activities then it also strengthens the mars in our chart.

Mars is also significator of long and paying your all debts and structuring it, donating sweets to needy people and reading Hanuman chalisa, worshiping Lord shiva can improve all bad effects of Mars Lord.

Mercury: Mercury lord rules education, business, relatives, kids. Usually a person would be away or not liking their relatives If mercury lord is not functioning properly in the chart. It is always advisable take care small girls and help unprivileged students in their study and stay away from fighting in day to day life to improve all related significations in your life.

Reading or Listening Vishnu Sahasranaman daily or wednesday and helping children in anything can improve and Mercury lord in the chart.

Jupiter: Jupiter lord is the significator of elders, temple, religion, luck and prosperity, speech. If native respect elders and specially if guest arrives at home and you serve them with devotion, it will strengthen Jupiter lord in the chart. Jupiter lord is known for doing good for others that why wherever Jupiter lord placed in the chart, there if you donate then you will start flourish in the life.

Jupiter lord is the Guru and sattvic planet so adept truth nature and keep in the company of good and do good deeds, make a habit of visiting temples.

Venus: Venus lord rules natural second house “Taurus and Libra” the house of family, money, speech, relationship, partnership and marriage etc. Venus lord gets exalted in the sign of Pisces that means unconditional devotion whom we love, it can be our family, all beings, gods and other side Venus lord gets uncomfortable in Virgo sign the sign of fight and enmity. If we keep devotion towards all then definitely our Venus lord will behave life exalted, so stay away from fighting, control over speech to get wealthy, luxuries and comfortable life.

Keeping clean and wearing clean cloths and control over words and definitely it will improve relationship with Venus lord irrespective placement of Venus lord.

Saturn: Saturn lord rules natural Capricorn and Aquarius sign, the how much labor we put same amount of income we will get, Saturn lord wants us to do hard work and discipline in the professional area. If we take care of all lower class people or those are working under like servants, employees etc. and keep happy relation with them so definitely it will strengthen Saturn lord in the chart. 

Focused and Hard working, keep trying things until gets done, more important perform good karma and believe in Saturn lord, because Lord delays but surely gives the deeds you performed.

Rahu: Rahu lord protects the nature, if we take care cosmos and nature like birds, trees, animals, pollution control etc. it will improve Rahu lord and also have connection with paternal grandparents so take care them and do old people service as much as possible.

If Rahu lord is not working well in the chart then person would be in cheating, shortcuts and illegal activities so make sure you stay away from it and be truthful and worship Jupiter lord regular.

Ketu: Ketu lord has connection maternal grandparents so keep healthy relation with them, Ketu lord wants us to align with spirituality daily at least two times morning and evening and have charitable attitude.

Do what you love from heart and align spiritually to connect with divine and nature.

How do the remedies work in Astrology?

Whenever we visit any astrologer and read about astrology, often advised on remedies to smoothen uncomfortable situation. But it is not mandatory that person should rely on remedies only, sometime we have to face the things to pay off our past karma and stand like strength and just pray to god for blessings and sattvic deeds. Usually people for strengthen the planets wear stones ex: – for improving Jupiter lord in the chart, astrologer suggests to wear Yellow Sapphire but it does not work like this always and if works then result will be tamasic.

Human life is dependent totally on karma or actions which are performed daily, how do you live your life? And how your karma effect society and humanity that thoughts come by planet energy in the life, suppose if Rahu lord is good in the chart then person would have thought to help and do humanitarian karma to improve others life and if same planet is working in lower level then person for own benefits and self-interest can cross any limits and that karma will back fire the native and best of the remedies may not be useful.

9th house is the house of luck, wisdom and Dharma, we are not following dharma in our life then that particular planet may not work properly ex: – A person being in marital life and somehow keeps an affair outside then spoiling marriage and Venus lord signification and same we can assume from all others planet signification, it is always advisable to follow dharma purely with right intention. Right karma of each of us to do righteous activity and improve life of people.

There are four nature Tamasic, Rajvic, Sattvic and all planets have these inheritances nature but we can improve all towards sattvic through our Karma.

Tamasic: – Mokha or liberation is not achieved and bound in birth cycle, person here is wants to achieve anything by hook and cook, dominance, angry nature, laziness that leads tamasic nature. Mars, Saturn and Rahu are the planets of Tamasic nature.

Rajasic: – Some Extent Moksha or liberation is there and more of materialist attitude. Rajasic people manage beautifully, diplomats, planners and put mind towards achievement but take care of society as well. Venus, Mercury and Ketu are the planets of Rajasic.

Sattvic: – Moksha is achieved fully because of good karma. Full of purity in the soul and ready to give and do always for society and highly intelligent people. They follow good deeds and keep other also in the right karma, nature loving and feel pain of others. Sun, Moon and Jupiter are the planet of sattvic.

May be person have tamasic nature more in their birth chart but they can turn that into sattvic element by good thoughts and deeds, our present life and circumstances solely based on our past life actions and we will have to face and admit it. All ill effects can be removed by good actions in the present time and faith in good. We need to keep good relationship specially where we feel issues and don’t want to catchup easily, donating food, chanting Manta, Fasting, Meditation, feed others then serve self.

Lord Krishna said in the Geeta upadesha that offer the food to me first and I will free you from all sins, food is wealth, God and distribute with all as much as you can.

Note: All I have mentioned above should be done from devotion and then you will feel positive results in your life.

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