Tenth lord in different houses in Astrology

Introduction on 10th House

Profession is the very important in life and after initial education we spend most of the life in work and sometime till the end of life, everyone has curiosity to know own profession or their luck in profession. Often people suggest D-10 chart to examine for it but it should not be jumped directly. D-1 chart or Birth chart is the foundation and first it should be looked and examined carefully.

10th is the house of person karma, society presence, wealth, power, status for name and fame.

”There is also detailed post on D-10 Chart so interested readers can visit there to know more about it but here we will know general results of 10th lord in different houses” 🙂

Tenth Lord in first house

First house shows you physique and presence level and your appearance in the work. You cannot work as behind the scene person, its mandatory for you to showcase yourself and person will be crazy for self marketing, Stage performer, Politicians etc. 10th is the house which shows your father status so there can be chances you forward legacy of family.

  • Person may involve in politics regularly.
  • Family owned business.
  • Speaker and athletics etc. 


Tenth Lord in Second House 

When Tenth lord has connection with second or 2nd lord placed in 10th house, it indicates person wants money and itself move to place where money exists. But we need to see chart in totally because in some cases person is more keen for true wisdom, family welfare knowledge as Jupiter lord significator of this house and will get bore later if don’t get such things. If Jupiter being the 10th Lord and placed in second house or Vica-Versa with second house then native look after family and respect knowledge and spiritual matters more in later years.

Its the raja yoga when 10th lord placed in 2nd house or 2nd lord in 10th house, because person works for money only regardless anything. Ex:- Indian richest person “Mukesh Ambani” Jupiter being 2nd lord placed in 10th house of profession in good dignity or friendly Leo sign.

Tenth Lord in Third House

3rd house shows energy, adventure and excitement etc. if 10th lord connection with third then person may involve in art, dance, music traveling, media advertising agency, mechanical skills, writing and which gives thrill to the native to showcase their talent.

Depending on planets it can change flavour ex:- If Sun lord placed here then person speak with authority, power and aggression.

What can be professions then?

  • Person can work in their local area.
  • Siblings efforts in your business.
  • Love communicating in profession.
  • Digital expert
  • Spiritual orator    
Tenth Lord in Fourth House

Fourth house indicates Peace, Home, Cars and real state so person could be an Architect, Real state broker and Developer etc. If there is connection with 11th house then it shows sudden gain through 4th house matters. You feel comfortable in the home and work privately.

Note:- You can read all Zodiac signs in Astrology post to know all houses in detail.

Tenth Lord in Fifth House

Person surely cannot do job properly for long time as 10th lord is sitting in 5th house which is eight houses away from own tenth house, person needs change of environment and creativity, wisdom and logical approach in work environment. Person is truth loving and seeks it most of the time.

Fifth house also Mantras so native somehow will be in such kind profession where mantra are used e.g Astrology or interested in learning, Sports, Speculation and Fun loving job like filming etc.

Tenth Lord in Sixth House

Person may involve in service, hotel, job, healers, physician and work which require day to day activity. If Mars has prominent effect then Surgeon and If moon has prominent then could be physiologist etc. it depends on charts and planets placement.

What effective professions can be?

  • Service which heal like Message, beautician, medicines.
  • Doctor or Physician 
  • Service usually which require lots of hard work
  • Mortgage or lending money 
Tenth Lord in Seventh House

It is the house 10th from 10th and Lord Saturn ( Ruler of natural Capricorn and Aquarius ) gets exalted here so public dealing, interaction and marketing, business specially involved with Partnership but needs to see planets, aspects and sign. Seventh house also shows your progress and Promotions in the career which often increases your income.

  • Prominently involvement in Business
  • Marriage Bureau or related profession
  • Travelling oversea
  •  Import and Export
Tenth Lord in Eighth House

If Eight house has connection with Tenth lord then person always thinks to root and try to solve completely, can be great thinker and researcher. Profession might relate to banking, insurance, Provident fund, Astrology.

It is the house of transformation so person change job frequently to grow in the life or it is the destiny to experience in the life.

Tenth Lord in Ninth House

The Profession connected with rules and regulations, University professor, long distance, publication, religion and philosophy.

Ninth house naturally ruled by Jupiter so it is the house truth, justice and welfare. Native will be truthful in profession and follow all gods rules while working naturally as it is the Raj Yoga 10th lord in 9th.

Tenth Lord in Tenth House

It is the house of status, worldly matters and international fame. Person may be in govt job, leadership or politics if planets placed well specially Sun. This house shows responsibility and must have skills to manage it efficiently. Its the Raj yoga when 10th lord placed in own sign or tenth house. Person can be on high status with heavy responsibility.

  • May have internally influence 
  • Strategy planner or Policy maker for people
  • Working for Public welfare
  •  Government service
Tenth Lord in Eleventh House

Person wants to work for large gains, groups, with friends, social works and NGO’s. This is 2nd from tenth so your income which you earn after work. Native may have desire to get status in profession work.

Tenth Lord in Twelfth House

It is the which signify Debts, expenses, foreign lands, investment, yoga, meditation, yogi, spiritual guru. Person thinks lot about profession and sometime confuse that it is right work or should switch to new skills.

If Jupiter has any connection then person gets involve spiritually and guide other also to do such daily activities like Mantras, Religion etc.

So far above I have explained it can be applicable from Moon Chart but mental level.


Q : What is natural 10th house in Astrology?
Ans: Capricorn is the natural Tenth house which ruled by Saturn.

Q : What if there is no any planet in the Tenth house?
Ans : Then see the house lord of the house.

Q : Is the Tenth house Vishnu Sthana?
Ans : Yes

Q : Why Tenth house is so important in the astrology?
Ans : It shows your social status and profession.

Q : Who are the Significator of Tenth House?
Ans : Mercury, Sun, Saturn and Jupiter.