Understanding Zodiac Signs in Astrology | All Houses in Horoscope

Astrology is known as seer’s knowledge and it shows us clear path with the help of divine light. Astrology can reveal human past lives and future as well because in Geeta Shree Krishna lord says Holy spirit enters into the new body but never dies and human has lot of Karma which were incomplete in past life’s and now soul on the earth again to finish that Karma. In this post we will discuss all 12 signs and houses true meaning and how you can use this in charts as well.

First, we will understand what is the Lagna or Ascendant in Astrology?

Lagna is your personality and intelligence, it shows how do you use this intelligence in your life. Lagna is very important because it is your body and physical aura through you go out in the society and influence others, Planet placed in the Ascendant becomes vital in determining your actions.

Aries is the universally sign because all things start from here or new beginning of human life and associated with Fire (Agni). Aries ascendant natives like to be straight forward and come out from darkness and look for true light, knowledge and wisdom and Sun lord gets exalted in this Zodiac.

Lagna is also responsible for making things in balance, if you have given out something so that you will have to take it back to make zero balance in karma and same applicable if you have taken something because it is the nature rule and it is advisable to do good and best things to other ex: – Love, happiness, food and donations etc.

Benefic Ascendant lord is always welcome and others way Malefic gives lot of struggles then success, placement of Ascendant lord in Trine (1,5,9) houses or Angle (4,7,10) houses are extremely good to get name and fame easily, Ascendant lord Dasha can give result quickly whatever you are looking for long so try your passion in that time for long run result.

Sun Lord in First house: – Sun Lord in Aries sign shows ambition and a love of power tend to be well supported by good health and vitality. Add to these courage and strength of will which may contribute much to success. Pride and a keen sense of honor are normally well-developed and the disposition is likely to be masterful with a learning towards egotism. Practical capabilities, however, usually accelerates advancement, bringing recognition and the goodwill of superiors, while cheerfulness and an optimistic temperament help to ensure popularity.

Second House in Astrology | 2nd House in Horoscope

Second house is known for family values, food, wealth, status, speech, face and teeth etc. It is the house of common bank balance which you share with family members and which you value most in life ex: – religion, family, status, hard work and money, that can be seen prominently planet placed in it and its natural significations. If someone has strong 2nd house, then person will rise due to their enemy because it is the 9th from 6th house.

A native earns prestige in the society from its knowledge, deeds, wealth and interactions and all earth houses (2,6 and 10) helps to attain it. Taurus is the masculine force and sign picture shows bull or Nandi which has very close relation with Shiva Lord, Moon lord is exalted here and seen on the head of Shiva lord as well.

Jupiter Lord in Second House: – Jupiter Lord in Taurus shows Financial talent and the ability to accumulate wealth are frequent marked characteristics and there is a possibility of amassing great wealth. Considerable power may be exercised through financial influence and considered lucky in money matters and Bank, assets. Jupiter lord gives sweet speech and fair complexion and attitude to serve family and will be doing till the end. All banking sectors rules by Jupiter lord and native with this placement have tendency to save lot for future long-term growth.

Native would have administrative ability, excellent in communication. People have Jupiter in second house makes person writter, fond of Sweets.

Third House in Astrology | 3rd House in Horoscope

The house of spiritual speeches or guru upadesha, courage, efforts, siblings and communications. Gemini zodiac is the natural 3rd house that represents communication either verbal or Technological communications ex: – Mobile, email, computers and video conferencing. In today world Technology is very prominent and Mercury and Rahu lord plays an important role with other planets too.

Third house also shows your street where your house is located and it is known as upachaya house which grows with the time, Mars lord is the significator of this house and Mercury lord rules it, Benefic planets placement here do well because it aspects ninth house of fortune, luck and help to get the things without struggle where malefic planets force person to fight then get.

Moon Lord in Third House: – Moon Lord in Gemini shows Love of change and variety is likely to encourage travel and stimulate interest in those occupations, such as newspaper work, in which novelty is the dominant element. Publicity may extra strong appeal. Mental activity widens the range of the interests, possibly at the price of superficiality. Assimilative capacity makes for an easily educated person, but the driving force tends to come from imagination rather than intellect. They are very switch in mood but considered lucky and get the things done easily with less effort because moon lord aspects directly on 9th house and short travel enhance the luck and knowledge if Moon lord is ruling good house in the chart.

Each house has own significations and once it is completed then next house takes place. ex: – once the short travel is over then you need rest so you need sleep comfortably.

Forth House in Astrology | 4th House in Horoscope

The house of comfort, pleasure, emotion, properties and love. Moon lord rules natural Cancer sign and in astrology moon lord is known as mother because of its nurturing, caring, emotional and healing nature. We all love to with mother in home and get more relaxation in own home and its opposite house is 10th house where we have to go out and do karma which require efforts. While writing this post, currently Saturn lord in Capricorn and opposite house is Cancer and we all are doing work from home due to Pandemic situation worldwide. Jupiter lord gets exalted in Cancer sign because it gives happiness, wealth and truthful nature and these are the qualities for healthy, peaceful home environment to enjoy fully.

Cancer sign is directly connected with Mind manifestation which comes into reality later, it is the fourth sign and there are four Veda’s. Moon lord is also known as Milk and Cow has also four legs and gives milk to world, so taking care of cow is really important to get all peace of mind and this house signification in life if possible because different countries has own access restriction.

Moon Lord in Fourth house:- Moon Lord in Cancer brings peace of mind, happiness and comfortable house. Person is attached to mother and home land lot and gets wealth easily but emotional and motherly nature with easy moody mind and switch in minutes.

Fifth House in Astrology | 5th House in Horoscope

Jupiter lord is signicator of fifth house and Sun lord is the ruler of Leo sign. Fifth house reveals our intelligence and creativity which we have been carrying since past life’s along with deeds. We can know about our children, ancestors and inherent talent from this house.

5th house shows power that a person owns and it can be political, professional etc. Mantra chanting is really good for human life to discover right path and good fifth house gives us natural ability to manifest its effect in our life. Sun lord is the ruler of fifth and it is sattvic planet and it is advisable follows such habits in the life to improve this house.

Mars Lord in fifth house: – Mars Lord in Leo Sign shows Love of sport is likely to be well developed and there will be much attention to pleasure. Interest in the opposite sex will tend to be strong, but is balanced by a capacity for loyal companionship. Leadership is likely to be the dominant principle, well supported by excellent discipline capabilities. Gain may come through speculation, amusements, sport, or by the exercise of the power of leadership, especially in connections with teaching. Inconstancy tends to be the most blatant fault. Children would probably be unruly, causing disappointment and anxiety.

Sixth House in Astrology | 6th House in Horoscope

Sixth house is known also as Upachaya house which gives result after consistent efforts, we can see all enmity, dispute, servants, diseases, maternal uncle/aunts, day to day work, industries, manufacturing and Saturn lord is the signicator of this house. Virgo sign represents celibacy or virgin girl, adopting celibacy and push self toward devotion of anything either work, spirituality and any goals.

Good sixth house gives the person to overcome all its significations easily, it is also known as Prabhada karma house which you have to face in your like unless blessing of Guru or gods.

Mercury Lord in Sixth House: – Mercury Lord in Virgo Sign shows too much mental activity is likely to be the chief source of difficulties. There is a liability, under the spur of ambition, to over-tax the physical resources and create health troubles. In particular, disarrangement of the nervous system may result in digestive disorders. Trouble arising from dealings with servants or subordinates also t ends to induce worry. In the main, success is likeliest to come from work in a subordinate capacity, such as clerk or assistant. Keen interest in dietetics, however, may produce success along these lines.

Seventh House in Astrology | 7th House in Horoscope

Seventh house is the house of dealing with others, it can be your partners either life or business. We can probably see person capabilities to interact with public and how do you think about others, Venus lord rules natural 7th house and Saturn lord gets exalted and Venus and Jupiter lords are the significator of this house which indicates we should treat everyone happily and equally.

It is the natural airy sign and person can viral truth easily, Mooladhaar chakra lies in the seventh house. Whenever someone gets promotion this house plays an important role because it is 10th from 10th house which is directly related with Career.

Venus Lord in 7th House: – Venus Lord in Libra sign is kind of blessings in terms of comfort, luxury and shows good harmony and relationship quality in past life and you have a desire to get good partner, you cannot live without partner. Venus lord gives here beautiful personality, diplomacy and wisdom. Person is super in business, market and negotiator and excellent in covering all loopholes. Financial wise they are very sound and lucky in attaining and get success usually after business or Marriage. They are naturally talented in gathering people and people love to be with them because of their pure heart and nice hospitality nature.

Marriage tends to play an important part, being productive of both personal happiness and material benefit, and may take place at an early age. Popularity helps in the achievement of success in public life, but successful partnership is likely to be an important element. Artistic ability is likely to be above the average and there is the necessary charm of personality to gain the good-will of the public.

Eighth House in Astrology | 8th House in Horoscope

The house of suddenness, dark, death, inheritance, hidden things and spirituality etc. it is 7th from 2nd house that indicates others wealth and unearned money ex: – Insurance money, Provident Fund. All 6,8 and 12 houses considered native karmic houses which has to face in the lifetime. Scorpio is mystical sign; it can give us wealth or spirituality but miss use of anything can lead to destruction. Opposite sign is Taurus the house of nice speech so using anger in speech is not advisable else it will sting like Scorpio to all relationships.

Mars lord rules this house which gives result sudden and Saturn lord is the significator of this house and have records of all our pending karma. Everyone knows this house is known prominently for death and inheritance and most of the time death takes place before getting it and person gets new responsibility on the shoulders and transformed life.

Ketu Lord in Eighth House: – Ketu Lord in Scorpio sign shows higher spirituality and transformation by constant learning, overcome karmic debts and completing then move to another level. Usually people will feel lots of changes in self and compare last 2 years then completely different and matters only to forward in life and leave past hustle. Ketu Lord does well in watery signs due to connection with divine nature but it is advisable to control on all addictions and else it will be exceeding and cause issue.

Ninth House in Astrology | 9th House in Horoscope

It is the house of dharma and duty which we have to follow in our life to get blessings of elders, this house makes us understand society rules and regulation like marriage conventions, family wellbeing and committed to all duties. Sagittarius sign is the fiery sign that also denotes luck, fortune, knowledge, religious practices.

Jupiter lord rules this house and gives us prosperity, knowledge of Vedas, luck and expansion in the life, this house gives us long term vision because of our wisdom and those have prominent ninth house with good planet dignity, these person always give advice for long term goals because they can think beyond what is really exist.

Jupiter Lord in Ninth House: – Jupiter Lord in Sagittarius shows strengthen the tendency towards religious interests. Mysticism is often a characteristic, but the general inclination is towards orthodoxy and established principles. Tolerance and broadmindedness, however, in doctrinal issues tend to inspire general respect. Travel is conductive to gain. There is usually the ability to hold high office in church or state. Arrogance and extremism are the faults most likely to be indulged

Tenth House in Astrology | 10th House in Horoscope

In today’s world Natural signs Capricorn and Aquarius are most desirable houses, Capricorn is the natural tenth house and the Lord of Justice and karma Saturn rules it and Mercury, Jupiter and Sun lords are the significator of it. This house shows our Status, power, politics, profession, Karma, wealth, capability to do work in the society. 2nd, 6th and 10th all houses are the materialistic houses and trine also to each other and prime desire to get wealth, name and fame, power.

Capricorn sign rules government and doing work with full of passion that’s why Mars lord gets exalted because of desire to work with energy and Sun lord gets directional strength because of power, fame and politics. It is the house where people give most of their time throughout life, in the horoscope wherever 10th sign falls person spends most of the time there, being Upachaya house it gives result by continuous efforts.

Saturn Lord in Tenth House: – Saturn Lord in Capricorn Sign shows Self-reliance and ambition, backed by determination and perseverance tend to characterize the self-made man. Strong moral qualities and sound business capacity encourage the holding of prominent posts with great responsibility. Organizing ability is likely to be strong and is often spurred on by a desire for social prestige. The grave danger is likely to come from the use of social prestige. The grave danger likely to come from the use of questionable methods, overstepping the ambitions, and dishonorable conduct, resulting in exposure and ignominious downfall.

Eleventh House in Astrology | 11th House in Horoscope

It is the house of desire fulfillment and can be anything like Wealth, power, fame and luxuries life etc. Rahu and Saturn lords rules natural eleventh house and Jupiter lord is the significator. Aquarius is the futuristic sign and full of wisdom where people gather in large group for social reforms. This zodiac brings many changes for people and many NGO, Politicians, Technicians and I.T engineers would have prominent Aquarius sign because of their attitude to bring change in the world.

Aquarius is the fixed sign so usually people don’t change their views easily once adopted and it is ruled by Rahu lord which can give much foreign elements in thinking and doing always unconventional. Person regular income is also judged by this house because it is 2nd from Capricorn sign and after work we get income. Philosophical tendency and approaching new ideas for change are the keys.

Rahu Lord in Eleventh house: – Rahu Lord in Aquarius sign gives person capabilities to fulfil all own desires, trying always to look for new opportunities to get gains. Person prime focus is on wealth and big accumulation and they keep trying for it until done. This placement gives so much ego and feel like king everywhere and get noticed as well because of this they cannot work in group due to own status issue but lesson here to learn and manifest all things in self and leave ego and try to work in group for excellence. Rahu lord placement here gives native a passion for photography, astrology, movie and acting.

Twelfth House in Astrology | 12th House in Horoscope

Many believes it is the house of an enlightenment where we give away everything to get into spirituality, but it is not possible unless your 11th house or desire comes true and no one can be liberal unless fulfill heart desires. Jupiter lord rules natural 12th house and Saturn lord is the significator and both are the planets of wisdom but they teach us in different ways.

Pisces is the sign of freedom like ocean that has no boundaries, Jupiter lord is the sattvic planet and person who have prominent Pisces sign would have qualities of truth and peaceful sleep. Pisces is the Rashi of Brahman who have knowledge of Vedas. It is also house of loss, expenses and unknown place (Foreign) but in my view if we make any investment or buy luxury car then it is necessary to expense and there will be loss of cash but gain of pleasure.

Mars Lord in Twelfth House: – Mars Lord in Pisces shows Your energies and aggressions tend to come out in non-combative and noncompetitive ways. You are a bit of a pacifist and do not enjoy tackling anyone or anything head-on in a directly confrontational manner. Working around people or situations or working behind the scenes, in secret, is more your preferred style. If necessary, it is more your tendency to give up something rather than to fight for it. Because your ego is not especially interested in personal achievement, glorification, material advantage, or winning at the expense of someone else, you may come across to others as weak-willed or ineffectual. Being on top, being the best, or being first doesn’t mean much to you, hence you can be quite happy in a supporting role, working for the benefit of others or for a cause that you believe in.

Conclusion: –

I have covered all houses and planets possibly their result in the signs but it can be different because each chart needs to be seen in totality to come on conclusion and other divisional charts also need to consider like Navamsa, Dasamsha, D-60 and many other factors. It is advisable you can take basic traits from this post and all houses signification will remain same but signs and planets placement can give other results but you can see and apply in your charts and others as well, hope you liked this post and don’t forget to comment and subscribe the post to get new post.

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