Vastu for Prosperity and Happiness

Vastu for Prosperity and Happiness, it’s an ancient architectural science that is from almost in 3000 BC old and was practiced by Indian Mohan Jodaro in their architectural civilization. Vastu starts from land ( Bhumi) and various cosmic energies indulge us into harmony either happiness or discomfort.

All human being on the planet has a unique energy, it can also with animal or living being on the earth. Similarly, every home has an energy that is attracted by nine planets and millions of cosmic lights and that is Vastu Shastra what kind of vibration you interact in home, office, restaurant or anywhere etc.

You have noticed few places give you a special harmony of peace example temple, because it’s built to take care all Vastu Shastra knowledge which we often skip while building our own homes or may be now a days its impossible to do in fast pace and flats, artificial life. Earlier when people used to have big land then toilets used to be 100M away from home, now its totally opposite or inside bedrooms as the toilet is considered waste and pollution and keeping near your living life not a good idea but there is no other choice on it.

Note: Universal energies interact with human and building energies and we’ve to align with them, we can help of Vastu shastra.

Vastu Directions for positive energies

East Direction – Sun rises in the morning, Sun remains in the first house that time. Its ruled by Sun lord and is responsible for our overall body health.

North Direction – Its natural forth house in the horoscope, this direction is ruled by lord Kubera and this direction is responsible for our wealth, happiness and prosperity. It’s advisable keep this location open, clean, and beautifully decorated. If you home structute allows then keep water fountation or such type of water painting.

West Direction: – This direction is ruled by Varuna lord or Ocean lord. This direction gives success in business.

South Direction : This direction is ruled by lord Yama, its natural tenth house and responsible for our Karma. You can have office directions in this direction.

Note : There’re also corners or wall 4 corners which combines two direction ex- East & North corner makes East North Side that has own significance.

Vastu Shastra Tips for Home

There are few standards that must be followed to have excellent universal energies while commencing construction or planning to purchase an apartment.

  • It’s really vital to have enough natural light ( Sun Light) and ventilation everywhere, building materials are necessary to be the best quality to get optimistic results.
  • Vastu Shastra and Astrology both are interlinked with each other, but mahurata (An auspicious time according to lunar tithi) is given more importance for laying the foundation construction or entering in the home first time for living.
  • Mercury governs intelligence, wealth etc so surround the home or building with greenery to get a pleasant atmosphere and positive vibes.
  • Have Sattvic energies around you rather rajasic or tamasic, Sattvic energy gives you blessing and right guidance through nature and own intuition.
  • Never keep mirror to South & West this creates relationship disbalance in day to day life.
  • Always sleep to east and second west ( Keep your head to the direction) but always avoid sleeping in North, South direction.

Vastu For Prosperity and Abundance

Vastu is not really focused on material prosperity or abundance I hope that doesn’t shock or surprise readers, the main goal of Vastu science is the resonance the vast new technologies give us methodologies to align our consciousness with the laws of nature this resonance with natural law this alignment brings peace and awareness of eternal truth this is the abundance that vastu science supports.

Vastu-inspired building vibrates with cosmic energy and the bodily instrument resonates with this vibration to create and offer the house of supreme bliss and to enable us to experience that supreme bliss here in this mundane house itself these are the prime motives of vastu science. I believe vastu science provides the technology to create buildings with the regenerative properties of inner silence peace prosperity and good health. I’ll discuss shortly this energy pattern is based on the cubicle geometry of the para Manu seed atom the geometry which is at the core of all manifestations including human beings stopping he called it the geometry of silence at the centre of the seed atom this Sabha or Hall of consciousness is the thread of light is a thread of light the brahma sutra this light is the Nataraja the dancing form of lord shiva this is the abundance that fosters science inspires a resonance with the primal law of silence a resonance with Natarajan now.

The creation of a protecting vastu compound or wall also we take into account the timing of the procession of the project by initiating action at auspicious times actions such as ground breaking the lane of foundation deposit and entry upon completion to achieve this resonance with natural law the first step in creating a vastu structure is to locate a suitable place on earth for it foster science considers the earth a living organism which is embedded in the vibrant space and a part of the cosmic living body of the universe when we place a vastu structure on the earth it’s important that we honor the mother earth by giving attention to how and where we place the structure the chief elements of site selection are orientation of the structure and the shape and orientation of the site the general slope of the land in adjacent topography the outstanding natural elements on the land the relationship of the structure to the eastern horizon the relationship with existing or potential roads conditions of the soil the existence of human created elements and existing trees or shrubs on and in this presentation they don’t have time to go into detail on all these elements the basic idea is to select a site that has good energy flow and solar aspect in a peaceful geometry and environment the orientation of the vastu structure is very important.

Vastu Science recognizes eight horizontal directions on the plane of the earth north south east and west and the intermediate directions like northeast we always choose to orient the structure facing one of the cardinal directions north south east or west each facing has a unique influence on the occupants of the building North facing brings wealth south facing brings salvation and freedom from worldly desires east facing brings physical comfort and mental peace and west facing brings material growth and prosperity in general flat or gently sloping land is preferred for a vastu structure land sloping down to the east northeast north and northwest is also accepted for vastu site.

It’s recommended that the slope of that land is not excessive not to exceed five to ten degrees a general rule is to place a house in an area where the Eastern Sun is not blocked the ideal is for the structure to be exposed to the Sun as it rises over the horizon in the morning the next consideration for of austere structure is the vastu Purusha mandala by applying the pattern of the vastu mandala the architect controls the type and intensity of energy within the structure creating a space that vibrates with positive energy let’s look again at of austere Purusha mandala for secular structures we use the Parramatta mandala in general it’s divided into concentric zones specific to the quality of energy predominant in that area the Brahma pada is the zone of divine energy the zone this zone is the heart of the structure the devika pada is the zone of celestial energy adjacent to the Brahma pada stop it he called it the field of luminosity the minutiae pada is the zone of human energy the field of consciousness and the position kepada is the zone of mineral energy the field of gross matter the outer two zones minutiae and Pachuca are ideally the areas in which the mundane activities of daily life take place and within the structure here is a detail of the vastu mandala showing the locations of the devatas or laws of energy.

We regard in terms of structuring the physical building also detailed are the location and effects of main door entries on each side indicating the auspicious locations that need to be used marked by the arrows so we build the walls in roof of a building by aligning the structural elements of with this sacred geometry of the mandala by doing this we enclose universal space and the structure gains a life energy just as the light atom within our human heart structure gives us the ability to resonate with universal source energy the man-made vastu building by using the energy pattern of the vastu mandala has a structural geometry that resonates with source energy that gives it life this resonance in Dowell’s the building with an atmosphere of vibrant peace so once we have chosen the vastu model for the structure we need to give it a precise dimension a precise perimeter this perimeter is measured in vastu units the number of austere units adding up to the perimeter is determined by the IOD calculations these ancient formulas associated number with different numbers in thus different vastu mandala perimeters produce specific qualities and effects just like when a craftsman is creating a high quality musical instrument by following the correct geometry and dimensions we assign of us to mandala geometry and correct dimensions to the structure there are many different prescribed units of measure that can be used by a vastu architect but the main unit we use is the Kish custom expressed in imperial measures that’s two feet nine inches another unit we often use is the angular unit which is one and three eighths of an inch for example 55 is an auspicious IOT number if we use kishka hosta 50 tot five times two feet nine would give a perimeter value of the mandala of 151 feet three inches or 37 nine and three quarters of an inch on each side of a square mandala so once we have the vastu Mangal the dimension.

we can go on to the other considerations of the building design entrance locations are very important in vastu design the main entry is the location of the formal entry door for the structure the entry for the owners at the front of the building looking at the diagram of the mandala we see the locations of the pada devatas and the general energetic effect on humans related to entrance at each location it said that crossing the threshold at that particular product is a recognition and stimulation of the energy of that location there are nine potters that are accepted as auspicious for primary entry of the structure we can see for example on the east side accepted locations are the and Rapada for greatness conferring greatness and the jayanta pada conferring victory when we cross the model perimeter into the space of the building we are coming into relationship the building our energy and the energy of the building began to come in goal and influence each other an important note on this is for these positive influences to be active the orientation of the vastu mandala must be correct in terms of the cardinal points of the compass one side note on this is that in a structure where there is a need for a second primary entrance save an entrance from a garage perhaps that door should also be chosen from one of the primary door locations the nine primary door potus we have discussed orientation vastu mandala correct dimensions and entry locations the next protocol in design has to do with lines of light through the structure once the main door is established in the floorplan the designer should create a clear line of sight through the structure to an opening on the exterior wall on the upper opposite side of the building this is called the threat of light of the house.

The threat of light is achieved by proper room and wall plate layouts and the use of doors and interior windows if necessary the reason for this first line of sight through the structure is so that the house can breathe freely it is said that the path is like a trachea or windpipe for the house the reason for okay we got that so the vastu structure also requires two additional lines of light through the building the brahma sutra and the soma sutra the brahma sutra is the line of sight directly through the center of the vastu mandala from the front of the house to the back the soma sutra is the line of sight directly through the center of the vastu mandala perpendicular to the brahma sutra brahma sutra is always related to the facing direction of the house one final light pathway for the structure is from above there should be a light coming into the central area of the building from a skylight or open patio or clear story windows this can be for the topmost floor only room function locations within the Vossler structure are simple the vastu mandala is divided into nine equal parts and here you can see the areas of the mandala with the locations of the elemental energies within the building the center one ninth of the vastu.