Venus True Meaning In Deep

Venus True Meaning In Deep and for that we need to start with the that, Mahalakshmi is the consort of Lord Vishnu and resides in the heart of Vishnu also Lord resides in the heart of people, more than goddess Lakshmi is connected with Venus or Sukhracharya. In this article, I will dive deep into “What is the true meaning of Lakshmi? Probably most of us so far know her as the goddess of physical wealth and prosperity but it is not enough you will know more than that.

Venus is the planet of enjoyment and higher side Yogi, Penance in isolation (Pisces an exaltation Sign) and it’s my belief system that you can please every with compassion.

Who is the Lakshmi?

Lakshmi emerged from the ocean during the churning, immediately she looked at the Vishnu heart and resided since.

Interesting fact, there are two feminine energy, goddess Parvati is connected with Moon and Lakshmi to Venus. But the difference is that goddess Parvati made efforts or Penance to get Lord Shiva and goddess Lakshmi directly resided into the heart of Lord Vishnu with a glance as consort without any penance.

” As per the above note it’s the perfect remedy to get the blessing of Lakshmi Goddess is to keep your heart pure and balance the heart chakra”.

Lakshmi loves respect and Beeja Mantra “Om Shreem Mahalakshmai Namah” That gives respect or bow down to the goddess with full compassion and devotion, Lakshmi Goddess is Anti-violence and that’s the reason Venus gets debilitated in the Virgo sign that shows litigation,  Violence and fighting, opposite Pisces is free from everything and surrender towards wisdom and supreme energy.

What makes a person truly blessed?

I already wrote an article on this that how to live a happy and peaceful life.

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Vishnu Shasharnama is one of the true blessings to humans, it’s clearly mentioned that the person chants even has no faith and devotion in it, still goddess Lakshmi is there to show you the path.

Poverty is equal to violence, so advise stay away from all these and enjoy the life with happiness. I personally want to give you a task that please look around you and those are regularly in violence, and bullying either they suffer from poverty or are devoid of happiness.

One of the great remedies to attract wealth and establish relationship with Lakshmi is to be gentle, lovable, nice, grounded, egoless, patience and violence free, and avoid bad language.

Now the question comes up, only polite, soft spoken and gentle are wealthy?

There are God and Goddess who govern wealth and help us to defeat enemies.  Like current Lawyer Profession and these natives have day to day arguments with opposite parties in their profession but still they are wealthiest why?

They can be rich but not carrying peaceful and Venus signification and they surely would have shortage of Venus elements apart from money.

How are we wasting Venus?

Careless about the reproductive system and Ayurveda clearly says even before modern science that our sperm ( gives us energy and maintained health of the body) we should not waste and other mouth speech and don’t speak unless needed,  both actions take away our energy and keeps us down in health and Venus signification in the life.

Our speech takes our energy, affect nerve system if negative words are used, and reduces ojas (energy) in our body.

The biggest lesson to learn here, Mahalakshmi resides a place only where there are no fights and arguments in the family and remain peaceful.

Durga is the devi to defeat enemies and Durga is single and other way Mahalakshmi is the devi to create union and relationship, it’s your purpose what do you want in your life.

Never love but have lovers
By: Khalil Gibran

Venus gets directional strength in the fourth house, dark night time and it’s also people intimacy, love time when partners meet each other and it’s very secretive because Sun is dark that time because of midnight.

It’s also while we sleep surprisingly there is no fight, and at least nowadays we sleep silently Venus loves peace and romance, happy and unconditional faith and trust between partners.

Refrain from all violent activities, even eating food that give violence like non-veg and such thing definitely disturb your life peace, solution is that quit all violence encourage task and live and let live happily.

We all know that Shukracharya did penance to get Sanjivini to rejuvenate dead people, or give re-birth to Asuras.
We need to think about ourself and make the life better but out of selfish mode.
Our biggest sin is to point weakness in others, let the things happen itself and go with it.

Our 99% problems are because of speech: By Osho

Venus gets exalted in Pisces Twelfth house which represent feet, it’s great remedy to build relationship between partners and wife should message feet of husband if facing clashes, ego problem.

You can invite Goddess Mahalakshmi with calmness, cleaning, purity, and beautiful decorations at home but one thing to remember that Lakshmi is pride and has self respect, and don’t compromise with your self respect.

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