Best Vimshottari Dasha Calculation

Vimshottari Dasha Calculation

There are 9 planets and 1 Ascendent = Total 10, 12 Zodiac signs. We all know that this world is living in Kalyuga means everything is darker and only Moon and Sun can give us light only.

We will read about various types of Vimshottari Dasha applicable based on our Moon Placement in the birth chart. Normally most of us use Vimshottari which is calculated from our Moon constellation ex:- a person is born with Moon in Rohini Nakshatra so a person’s Dasha will be started from Moon, which rules this constellation but it may not predict the accurate result in predicting events and you need to use others Dasha, to see the timing of events based on Moon house placement and Vimshottari Dasha Calculation is done accordingly.

Many Astrologers believe that Standard Vimshottari (Calculated from Natal Chart Moon Nakashtra Lord), works in all charts regardless of Moon house placement, But if you want to see wealth status then it may be accurate because Moon rules liquid cash. In case of detail and accurate event prediction ex:- Marriage, Chil Birth, etc then use Special Vimshottari which will be explained in detail.

Moon is very important in the chart because it can manifest quickly anything and if any yoga is not approved by Moon in the horoscope, then nothing is going to happen in your life even if the chart is powerful with Rajyoga’s. Its advised that always look Moon chart.

Moon Placement in the birth chart plays an important role in destiny and signifies the status of a person.

First House ( Udaya or Rise): Moon is in the first house connects us to Indra Deva the King and gives Royal Status like Krishna, Ram, etc and Indriyas or Sentiories will be in Control and you are capable to do it efficiently.

Fourth House (Jala Tatva): This Moon is known as Yama Chandra, and you are the favorite of Yama God and influential in physique, not easily defeated or die.

Seventh House (Asta Chandra): This Moon is the favorite of the Varuna God, it is related to traveling, rain, etc.

Tenth House (Akasa Chandra): It is a Kubera Chandra so related to wealth and prosperity etc.

Note: Four Kendra’s (1,4,7,10) houses are the most important petals of Loka, if Moon occupies any of this then it will flourish by God’s blessings.

God Blessings

Fifth House (Knowledge): When Moon is placed in the 5th house then You seem to be a knowledgeable person in society and have status among all, people respect you because of it.

Ninth House (Veda): When Moon is placed in the 9th house then You are very deep in knowledge and known to be a master of subjects ex- Ph.D. etc and have a special status in the society even foreign.

If Moon is placed in Kendra and Kona (1,4,7,10,5,9) houses then normal Vishshotri Dasha is applicable from your birth Moon Nakshatra.

But if  Moon is placed (3,6,8,11,12) houses then the Dasha lord will be different instead of birth Nakshatra. Let’s take an example Suppose the native Moon placed in (2,6) any of these houses then you will be count 4 more Nakshatra from the actual Moon Nakshatra, and (8,12) houses then you need to count 8 nakshatras from the moon Nakshatra.

Suppose Moon in Rohini Nakshatra in the 6th house so you will count 4 more Nakshatra then your Dasha will be started from Pushya Nakshatra which is ruled by Saturn Lord.

In a similar example if Person Moon is placed in (3,11) house then you will count 5 more ex:- If Moon is in the third or eleventh house and placed in Mrigshisha Nakshatra then move further by 5 Nakshatra then your dasha will be from Ashlesha Nakshatra which ruled by Mercury Lord.

Rahu and Ketu complete affect on Moon Placement

If Moon is placed in (2,6,8,12) houses then it is ruled by Rahu and you’re influenced by it completely and the only remedy is to worship Rudra Lord to remove dark energy.

If Moon is placed in (3,11) houses then the native is under control of Ketu and often has no idea what’s going on in their life, aggressive, and hurry mode so worship Lord Ganesha to get the right direction in life.

Kshema, Utpanna, and Adhana Vimshottari Dasha’s Calculation

Moon is placed in 2nd and 6th house then it is known as Kshema which means auspicious because we count four Nakshatra from the birth Nakshatra, as per Navatara system fourth Nakshatra gives us happiness, living sustenance, status, and prosperity.

When Moon is placed in 3rd and 11th house known as Utpanna which means upward, risen, and going to the top. It is known as fifth from birth nakshatra, as per Navatara it is a vipat nakshatra that gives trouble and keeps us forced in difficulty to rise to the top being a creative attitude.

When Moon is placed in 8th and 12th house then it is known as Adhana which shows something serious and more focused on relationships and devotion. It is known as Eighth from birth nakshatra.

Note: As per the Moon placement we need to identify the best applicable Vimshottri Dasha, suppose the moon is in 11th house and according above example Utpanna Vimshottri Dasha is the right applicable dasha and we need to count 5 Nakshatra from birth Moon Nakshatra.

Kevala Vimshottri Dasha

It is one of the special kinds of Dasha and is only applicable when mentioned combinations meet.

  • Lord of the Moon sign should be the Atmakaraka (AK) ex:- If Moon is in the Taurus sign then Venus should be Atmakaraka in the chart.
  • Lord of the Moon Sign being Amk aspect the Moon then it forms Kevala Yoga.

Kevala Yoga means only you and you have a say which nullifies the impact of others. ex- You are a stage performer and in your birth chart if Kevala Yoga is formed then your presence on the stage will be much more impacted than others and makes you shine or you are alone and individually managing everything solo performance. Another side you have some big purpose in life and you will meet others to establish good things in life for people’s welfare.

Note: Atmakaraka’s Position and planet dignity should be excellent even in Navamsha to get fruitful results.