Wealth and Prosperity in Astrology

Luck in Wealth

Wealth, prosperity and luxury is always an ambition of each human being and we do all efforts and karma to make it true, in short every person loves money and feels utmost amazing feeling after acquiring it. We all make huge efforts either in Job or Business, still not able to fulfill wishes, but all such money related answers exist in person horoscope.

How to Judge an abundance of Wealth in Horoscope?

The second house in the chart denotes family status, food, speech, fame and wealth abundance, prosperity, this house shows collective money flow ex: – your money, parent’s money if they earning, siblings earning, wife if married and strong 2nd house shows money flow from each one in family members and this increases the wealth of the family or native also.

Second house shows person thinking towards money and actual earning capacity, this is also the house of speaking so the person becomes clever in speaking and add up different resources for wealth.

Eleventh House is the house of desire fulfillment and responsible for our desire completion throughout the life. If native has a desire to earn big gains, then this house can give abundance of money flow in native life.

11th house also shows large organizations, ambition, friends circle and helping hands to make you rich if money and wealth gains are only desire, else large NGO’s also comes here means self-service for no gain intention.

In my opinion, there are also other houses which can give mega wealth to native, horoscope chart works in sync with other houses like 1st house, 5th house, 8th house, 9th house and 10th house.

1st House or Ascendant represents individuality of a person, it shows health and determination as well capacity to involve on own to achieve anything. If 1st house lord placed in Ascendant, 10th house or strongly placed from Lagna then native has confidence, will power to accomplish wealth related heavy tasks.

5th House shows good deeds, speculations like share market, bonds and lottery or where you can earn unexpected gains in short time. Planet placed here can give massive wealth as per its significations because it will aspect direct on 11th house of desire fulfillment.

9th house means person luck, fortune and father status. Lord Jupiter is the significator of ninth house and known as wealth. 9th house shows our luck in all our ventures, money related activities. Well placed ninth lord makes person rich and lucky because luck matters everywhere, specially related to abundance, prosperity and happiness.

Tenth house shows our status in the society and profession which can influence others, this house is also very important in concern of acquiring wealth. 10th house is the house of karma and efforts, accumulation of money, name and fame.

D9 or Navamsa chart should also be seen to judge the strength of planets, and planets should in own and friendly signs to fructify the results.

Combinations of wealth and prosperity in chart.

Horoscope should be judged in totality and cannot come to conclusion directly without it, but some of the yoga’s that produce money.2nd lord and 11th lord placed in own sign, aspect each other, aspect one to other and exchange each other house shows an abundance of wealth, prosperity.

Arudha Lagna should be judged and 11th house from AL, any planet placed here or aspect denotes wealth. That Planet will give money in Dasha or anter dasha.

  • If Lagna lord in own sign, aspected by 5th and 9th lord or conjoined with them.
  • If the 5th and 9th lord placed in own sign and exchange each other house.
  • Tenth lord connections with any lord makes Raj yoga if planet ruling good houses ex: – ascendant, ninth or fifth makes person skilled, famous and rich.
  • Jupiter and Sun are the wealth giving planets, if they have an aspect to each or mutual 7th aspect, it’s Raj yoga and gives immense wealth.
  • 9th lord and 10th lord conjunction, exchange, any relation or aspect to each other is Raj yoga, gives continues wealth to native even without much efforts.
Importance of Eighth house in wealth

Planet placed in eighth house, directly aspects second house of wealth. Although planet occupied 8th house gives sudden wealth but as this is the house of death, transformation so this is necessary in person life to achieve. It is the house of inheritance and unearned money somehow it is clear person can get inheritance property when guardian leaves it by any mean.

  • Eighth house shows Provident Fund
  • Insurance claim money
  • In-Laws family money
  • Paternal property
  • Spouse wealth or income

Moon Chart is equally important and see the 10th lord from moon Lagna and check its strength in Navamsa or D9 chart, if planet in own, exaltation sign and friendly sign then lots of opportunity there to make money.

Hora Chart (D2), D4 and D11 charts also must be seen to see fortune, wealth and prosperity in native life and complete horoscope should be seen to come on conclusion.

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